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Remirement, France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท. 2017.

Travelled: ย 142 kilometres from Bad Krozingen, Germany to Remiremont, France.

Visited: ย Remiremont

Stayed: ย Remiremont aire โ‚ฌ6, all the usual service at additional cost. N48.01559, E06.60135


From Bad Krozingen itโ€™s less than 20 kilometres to the border crossing on the Rhein River between Mullheim in Germany and Mulhouse in France. ย We see some very slow traffic ahead, then suddenly we see several French police and customs guards have set up a road block. ย Perhaps 20 vehicles back in the queue we slowly edge forward. ย I suggest to Pam to take a picture, but before that can happen we are at the front of the queue.


He mutters something I cannot understand in French, I respond in something he may not understand in Australian. He asks again in very good English, Why are you travelling to France ? ย I respond we are travelling across France to the Chunnel, then back to England. ย How long will you be… etc. ย This goes back and forth, then he asks, please show me your passports ? ย They are in the safe I respond. ย By this stage there are 50 cars behind us and he directs me to the area off the road set aside for known ISIS conspirators.


By this stage Pam is ready to turn stateโ€™s evidence as the questions continue. ย Obviously my comment about the passports being in a safe has his interest. ย How much cash do you carry ? ย About โ‚ฌ200 I state, having no idea how much really, as Pam doesnโ€™t trust me with money, in fact my wallet has been in the safe for 3 months. ย A little frustrated by now, how many cigarettes do you have ? ย We donโ€™t smoke I reply. ย How much alcohol do you carry he asks ? ย About a dozen cans of beer and a couple of bottles of wine from the Lidl I respond. ย I can see I have broken him.


We start talking about Sydney and how wonderful France is. ย We both agree itโ€™s all the Germans fault. ย The Police stop the traffic and everyone waves us goodbye.



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Back on the road again, we struggle to re-enter French mode after so many miles elsewhere. ย Back to lots of round-a-bouts, illogical freeway ramps and seemingly rude people. ย They are not really rude, they are just French. ย The trick is to make sure they donโ€™t mistake your for English or American and youโ€™ll be fine.


Heading west, we stop in Cernay for a leg stretch, a baguette and maybe something for dinner tonight. The mountains ahead are scattered with small villages which may not offer too much.



The church in Cernay has some interesting murals based on stories from the Bible.



From Cernay the road climbs steadily. We pass several villages promoting skiing โ›ท as we near Col de Bussang. At less than a thousand metres itโ€™s not particularly high.



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Eventually we roll into Remiremont and straight into the aire (aire=stellplatz). The aire has a gate, everything costs to access via your credit card. We just pay to park only, we will find some water elsewhere tomorrow. ย We put the front covers on, you can tell it will be cold tonight.



Having set the Hymer for tonight we go for a late walk into Remiremont. Itโ€™s a large town and typically French in style. Some classic public buildings such as the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall or Rathaus).



The Church of Saint Peter is just across the way.



The fountain in the main square in Remiremont. Pam is looking for a hairdresser and makes an appointment for tomorrow morning and I want to buy a local data sim and check out the deals as we wander about.



The sun is setting as we pass the โ€˜Memorial to the Volunteerโ€™ circa 1792.



We overnight alone in the aire. ย Dinner is a magnificient slice of quiche and a chocolate cherry cake. ย Itโ€™s great to be back to artisan bakeries of France. ย Pam has her hair cut, I purchase a sim, the sun is shining and we roll out of Remiremont to our next adventure.






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