Überlingen, Germany 2017 🇩🇪

Travelled:  76 kilometres from Bad Waldsee to Überlingen, Germany.

Visited:  Überlingen, the cycleway along the Bodensee.

Stayed:  Überlingen Stellplatz €10 (2 nights), all the usual services.  N47.77564, E09.14787

Budget:  89 days days @ €85 per day

We say goodbye to Bad Waldsee early this morning.  We were up early, had a coffee and serviced the Hymer before driving into the mist, well fog is a more accurate description.  Of course this morning the low beam headlights are not working (again).  We drive through the mist, every second car flashing his lights at us.  High beam is fine, the oncoming drivers appear happy with that so on we go to Ravensburg.

Arriving at the Fiat dealer I report to the service department.  It appears that my German interpretor is a 14 year old apprentice mechanic.  So we go into a huddle with the service manager, I say this, the mechanic says that.  The service manager raises his voice, the Hymer disappears into the workshop.  An hour or so later the Hymer rolls out, the service manager climbs in and goes for a spin, fixed.  We go back into a huddle, have you been driving through lots of wet weather ? asks the 14 year old mechanic, yah yah (in my best Sergeant Schultz) German, for the last 10 weeks through Norway etc.  Just some corrosion on the multi connector at the base of the blinker/light stem. No more Norway is the best way to avoid such issues apparently.  We drive away €96 poorer but happy it wasn’t a new switch.

We hit the Lidl for a few essentials, tomorrow is a public holiday and everything shuts down for Unification Day (East and West that is) tomorrow.  There are lots of cars and motorhomes on the road today, just like it would be at home.  Without any specific destination we stop at Überlingen.  The stellplatz is on the hill above town but Überlingen itself sits on Lake Konstance and the scenery is beautiful.  However the stellplatz is full and we settle for the adjoining car-park for €3.50 per-day.

From the car-park we walk down to Überlingen. It’s actually a long downhill walk to the old town on the lakes edge. Anyway we soon find this old gate, the Aufkirchen Tor.  Built in 1452 it originally had a draw bridge.  We did notice a deep culvert on either side.
Our next find is this interesting fountain and it’s flowers.
The half timber houses and autumn colours are worth a second photo.
Nice sign…
I do find this fountain interesting and yet somewhat disturbing…?
Seem the same artist has been at work here.
We finally reach the edge of Lake Konstanz, turn and find this little chapel outside the Church.
Überlingen proves to be an interesting walk. We drop into the tourist office and pick up a map of nearby cycleways and we now have a plan for tomorrow.

We find a little Turkish place and get a takeaway before starting the long walk back up the hill to our car-park and the Hymer.  Our takeaway is very good over a beer and wine.  Still no vacancy in the stellplatz so we call it a night.

I hear rain on the Hymer’s roof during the night and its actually very steady about 8am, when we surface.  It looks fairly bleak but the weather forcast shows it clearing after lunch.  Today is the public holiday, as we had already decided to keep off the roads today, we will sit it out.

Late morning the weather breaks, I get a quick picture of Hymer corner in the stellplatz.
Note the guard dog on the dash board of this huge Carthago motorhome. The owner is very meticulous. As soon as the rain stops he is out with a long handle squeegee giving it the once over.
Accurate weather forecasting here in Germany. We decide to go for a walk to stretch the legs.
The walking path up from the stellplatz passes through a farmers paddock to the crest overlooking Lake Konstanz.
The weather looks good enough to revert to plan A. The bikes come out and we head off looking for the cycle path along the lake.
Soon enough we find the path turn north-west and follow the lake. We have the train line on one side and the road on the other.
It’s a very pleasant ride, lots of views over the lake. Apple 🍎 and pear 🍐 orchards on the other side.
We cross the railway line a couple of times, once over this very expensive cycle bridge.
Some 20 kilometres later we arrive in Ludwigshafen. Have a walk over to the marina for a leg stretch and selfie before riding back to Überlingen.

So despite the rain this morning we still got in a full day.  Its leftovers for dinner tonight.  The bonus for the day being there are no parking fees on public holidays in Germany, so it was a free overnight stop !  Well that’s according to Pam.

Michael and Pam

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