Bad Waldsee, Germany. 2017 🇩🇪

Travelled:  130 kilometres from Nesselwang to Bad Waldsee, Germany

Visited:  Bad Waldsee and the Therme €17.50pp

Stayed:  Bad Waldsee Stellplatz €11 (2 nights), all the usual as good as a stellplatz gets.  N47.91478, E09.76053


Leaving Nesselwang in the late morning we continue west, firstly for Ravensburg.  We stopped in Ravensburg last year, a town of towers and some lovely old squares, but this time it’s for a Vodafone shop to add some credit to our German sim.  That done we call at the Fiat Dealer and organise for them to check the headlights on the Hymer.  We have had an intermittant problem that needs a little expertise.  So that’s sorted for first thing Monday morning we continue on to Bad Waldsee.


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The stellplatz is full with another motorhome outside waiting, so we pull up behind it and form a queue.  The afternoon shadows are getting longer by this stage, so we call it beer and wine time and relax for the rest of the afternoon.  We stayed in this stellplatz last year whilst we visited the Hymer Museum but that’s another story.  We also visited the Therme next door to the stellplatz.  Whilst it doesn’t have a lap pool, it does have some of the fanciest therapy pools you will ever see.  Our plan is to visit the therme again tomorrow.

As we didn’t get a spot in the stellplatz, we declined to pay our €10 into the machine overnight.  By 8am a couple of vans depart and we slide into a nice spot, the previous occupant had left some power on the meter, making it even sweeter.  So now we pay our €10 and walk over to the therme.  Last year we just paid to enter the pool, but this year we took the full spa sauna treatment.  What a relaxing few hours it was, are we turning into Germans…?

On our way back from the therme, we see a familar Hymer.  Its Rob and Krys, looks like another drinking session tonight.


After a little post therme rest we get the bikes out and head off to explore Bad Waldsee.  We pass through this gated tower into the old part of town.  Pam loves the cobbles !
Our next stop is this lovely old church.
The further into the old town the more interesting it gets…
By the time we reach this market square, the place is buzzing in a Sunday afternoon sort of way.  People are out and about every second one is eating an icecream.  Its a European thing, they love their icecreams.
Our last stop is the Church of Saint Peter.  Standing on the crest as many churches are, it’s difficult to get a decent picture.  So this is what you get.
Saint Peter’s has a friendly appeal. Not as ostentatious as some.
Pam lights a candle for the Grandchildren before we leave.
We follow some signs in the park to Schloss Waldsee. Schloss is a term used to refer to a Castle or Chateau. The second meaning is probably more correct in this case, but the Schloss has now been divided into medical suites.

We ride the bikes back to the stellplatz, it’s Italian tonight with Rob and Krys and a few drinks no doubt.  We will see how we go at the Fiat dealer in the morning.


Michael and Pam

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