Mittenwald, Germany 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Travelled:  68 kilometres from Wattens, Austria to Mittenwald, Germany

Visited:  Mittenwald, Hoherbahn cable car  โ‚ฌ27.50 pp

Stayed:  Mittenwald stellplatz โ‚ฌ12, all the usual services.  N47.43827, E11.26451

We depart Innsbrook on the 171, Dave and Britt both agree its a more seenic route back into Germany than the E45/177.  So we dawdle along the 171 before turning north at Telfs.  The road is steep, but there is little traffic, so its more relaxed than dealing with truck and fast cars.

Mittenwald is just on the German side of the frontier with Austria.  Our plan is to meet fellow Australian motorhome travellers Rob and Krys at the stellplatz.  We have corresponded with Rob and Krys for about a year now.  Things fell into place we were all in southern Germany and it was only a few kilometres extra for our second Aussie catch up in as many days.

The 171 is a very pretty drive…

We meet Rob and Krys at the stellpatz and start chatting away like we have known each other for years.  I could go on but after months on the road its good to babble on with someone who has had similar adventures.  Next thing you know itโ€™s time for a beer and wine.  Rob and Krys have been chatting about what a nice village Mittenwald is, so we go for a wander.

Mittenwald proves to be a Bavarian post card village. Lots of murals on the wall, wide timber balconies and flowers.
The local church continues the theme…
This building appears to have a complex story to tell…
No, itโ€™s not another big guitar ๐ŸŽธ, but the big violin ๐ŸŽป. It seem that a famous violin maker live and worked here.

Without boring you with details we decide on a night in, the BBQ come out, the drinks flow as well as the chit chat.  So it was a late night.

Not so bright and early the next morning we decide to take the nearby cable car to the top of the Mount Hoher.  There is a walk around the summit that takes about an hour, which is probably about what we can manage.
Itโ€™s up there somewhere. At around 1500 metres its not that high, but steep on the ascent.
View from the top chalet into the old glacier. The trail around the summit can be seen in the background.
Nice picture of the cable car making its climb. Mittenwald is down there somewhere.
The path around the summit proves to be an excellent spot to take wives cliff walking
At one point Pam gets very close to grabbing this wild antelope by the tail.
The view from the top makes it all worthwhile.

By the time we make our way back to the cable car, down the mountian and back to our respective Hymers its time to say our goodbyes.   Whilst we will be back in Sydney in a few weeks Rob and Krys are planning on another 12 months before they return to the Gold Coast in Queensland.  So we wish either other well and roll out of Mittenwald for our next adventure.

Michael and Pam

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