Malmö, Sweden 2107 🇸🇪

Travelled: 258 kilometres from Tingsryd to Malmö, Sweden.

Visited: Just a day of driving in bad weather, Malmö.

Stayed: Malmö, Badvagen picnic area, free with toilet, bin and water.  N55.52464, E12.89589

Sweden’s weather seems to have us in it’s grip.  We wake up in Tingsryd to more rain.  So no walk again this morning.  So we have coffee and fruit, service the Hymer and hit the road.  An hour or so later we stop for breakfast, its still raining.  We had originally planned a coastal route.  But looking at the forcast for today and tomorrow there seems little point.  So we decide to change direction slightly and head for Malmo and the bridge to Denmark.

Pam captures this picture of a logging jig as we roll out of the parking area in Tingsryd. Driving through Sweden we see these rigs all day. Mind you almost everything you see in Sweden is built from timber. So it must be reasonably priced.
Mm…you cannot buy the weather so you need to make the best of it.

We have found a free spot on the outskirts of Malmö.  So we enter the co-ordinates and continue driving through the drizzle and odd showers.  The parking spot is on a small beach near a marina about 5 klm from Malmö.  As it was raining I didn’t take a photo until the next morning, so you can see them later.  After an hours rest we drive into Malmö for a look around and a shop.

Driving into Malmö from our parking spot on the beach. Lots of development underway as well as angry skies.
In the northern docklands district of Malmö the construction has been led by the twisting residential tower.  Good photo with the ominous weather as a backdrop.  We could have stayed here but it was SEK80 overnight and our beach has some facilities to service the Hymer.
Near the twisting tower we give our luck a test and go for a short walk along the shoreline. This boardwalk and floating pontoons are used for swimming. There is even a lifeguard station.  Its not long before the drizzles send us back.
So how do you predict global warming if you cannot predict the weather tomorrow? The view from our parking spot across the bay in the morning. The bridge linking Sweden and Denmark looks amazing.
We are up and the sun is shining, so we go for a walk. No wonder the sun is shining, there are 50 wind turbines out in the Sound between Sweden and Denmark saving the planet.
All that aside, we wander about the marina and stretch our legs in the sunshine.

So that’s Malmö…time to drive over that bridge.

Michael and Pam

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