Stockholm (part 1), Sweden 2017 🇸🇪

Travelled: 31 kilometres by road and 540 kilometres by sea from Helsinki, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden

Visited: Overnight on the Tallink Serenade, €192 includes a twin cabin for us and the Hymer on electricity, deck 3. Stockholm.

Stayed: 2 nights in Stockholm Stellplatz Långholmen SEK320pn, all the usual services. N59.32031, E18.03251

We really enjoyed our visit to Helsinki.  Probably a combination of staying close to the city that was free, good public transport and its nice to stop for a few days after so many weeks on the road.  Anyway we hit the road again, if only for a short time.  First stop a Lidl supermarket for a quick stock up, have a close encounter with a parking officer, before fueling up the Hymer and heading down to the ferry terminal.

We don’t pull in and join the queue, we start the queue. After a coffee we go for a last wander around the Market Hall before departure.
The shopping atrium within the Serenade. Let’s be frank we thought this would be your run of the mill ferry with a cabin, its not. It’s a cruise liner that carries vehicle and freight. It has everything.  This photo was taken at 8am when we went for coffee.  But last night at 9pm there was a high wire trapeze act going on here.  Foolishly I didn’t have my camera with me.
We venture out on the promenade deck after coffee for a quick look at Sweden.

This stellplatz in Stockholm is full of motorhomes even out of season. A bit noisy under the bridge, but we are that tired from being out all day, sleeps not a problem. At SEK320 per night it’s very expensive.
Mind you the stellplatz sits on this pretty canal. From here its 2.5 kilometres walk to Galma-Stan, Stockholm’s Old City and the main tourist sites. We walk the first day but opt for the short walk to the metro and a 5 minutes ride the second day.

Walking across the bridge to Gamla-Stan. Pam looking very stylish this morning with the spire of the Riddarholmenkirkke in the background.
Just about impossible to get a half decent picture of the Riddarholmen Church. There seems to be renovations and roadworks all around.  At SOK60pp to go inside, we give it a miss.
Pam strikes a pose outside the ‘House of Nobility’ circa 1674. It appears the nobility met here 3 times a year to advise the King ?  It’s highly likely to tell him what he wanted to hear.
Typical of the cobbled street and laneways of Gamla-Stan. It’s still early but by late this afternoon it will be very busy.
On the Stortorget, outside the Nobel Museum we find this lovely old fountain.
After a quick visit to the tourist office we continue on to The Royal Palace. The palace is now a series of four museums on a single ticket SEK160pp. But you can visit over two days, which is good as we will probably be museumed out after a couple.
One of the several entrances to The Royal Palace. Palace guards are on duty.
Our first museum in the palace is the treasury. Basically where they keep the bling. Crowns for this king and that Queen. Lots of beautiful pieces but the only museum in the palace you cannot take photos.
Next we go on to the Kroner Museum. Basically the history of the old castle, destroyed by fire in 1697 and it’s reconstruction as a Palace.  It could be described as a tour of the vaulted cellers below the palace, but it was very interesting.
Feeling a bit ‘museumed out’ we go for a wander along the waterfront into the new city. Our Finland data-sim doesn’t work here, so we drop into the Telia shop and pick up 25gb sim for SEK199.  So Netflix is back !
On our way back to Gamla-Stan we find this lovely ochre colored Kirke, Saint Jacob’s.
The alter and sanctuary of St. Jacob’s. Entry is free and there was an organ recital happening, so we sat for 15 minutes and soaked up the atmosphere.

Walking back from the new city we cross onto Helgeandsholmen, a small island linked by bridges to Gamla-Stan. On it we find this imposing building, The Swedish House of Parliament.
The view from Parliament House.

Its been a long day and we have a long walk back to the stellplatz, so that’s our first day in Stockholm.

Michael and Pam

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