Pirunpesäntie, Finland 2017 🇫🇮

Travelled: 69 kilometres from Seinäjoki to Pirunpesäntie, Finland.  2017

Visited: Seinäjoki, swim centre €6pp and the clock tower €1pp.

Stayed: Pirunpesäntie car-park, free.  N62.39898, E22.89609

We enjoyed a quiet evening in Seinäjoki despite the rain.  It rained most of the night sometimes heavily.  As we are parked in the swim centre car-park we intend a swim and sauna this morning.  So its a stay in bed morning.  The lady at the pool suggests 10 am as the squads are finished then.

Anyway I cannot post a picture but Seinäjoki has a wonderful swimming complex.  A eight lane 25 metre lap pool, a seperate diving pool with 1,3 metre spring boards and 5 metre platform and a childrens pool The Finnish people love their sauna and there are four large saunas, two for each gender.  So we do our 40 laps, then head for the sauna.

We recover from the swim and sauna whilst parked in the laundromat car park having breakfast.  We found a laundromat after having a Google around.  The place is brand new and a reasonable price.

Seinäjoki is famed in Finland for it’s stricking architectural heart. Pam stands in front of the Seinäjoki secular steeple clock tower.
A Finnish architect, in 1951 Alvar Aalto won a competition to design a new town centre, including the civic buildings and parks. This is the Lakeuden Risti Church.
Inside the Lakeuden Risti Church, simple but elegant consistent with Finland’s Lutheran traditions.
Climbing the clock tower. There is a perfectly good elevator to the top of the tower, but Pam insists on doing the 276 steps to the observation platform.
View from the top selfie.
Seinäjoki’s Rathaus or Town Hall. Strikingly different from the other public buildings being clad in rounded bronze tiles.
Having said goodbye to Seinäjoki we continue south, passing a lot of open farmland.

The Lonely Planet guides have the odd places highlighted in blue as something unusual. Pirunpesäntie is one of those places.  Its around 14 kilometres of the main road, the last four on this track.
Must be getting close.
Our parking spot for the night, no one around, haven’t seen a house for miles and the local name for the place is the Devil’s Nest.  However its free and Pam is OK with some spookiness if the price is right.

Michael and Pam

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