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Sweden ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช to Finland ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ. 2017

Travelled: 332 kilometres from Tornehamn to Lansjรคrv in Sweden.

Visited: Driving the E10 andย Gรคllivare

Stayed: A picnic stop and parking area near Lansjรคrv, free with the usual facilities. ย N66.65083, E22.18469


It’s another late start this morning, we seemed to have settled into the campercar lifestyle, that being ‘stay in bed, you don’t have a train to catch’. ย It was very cold overnight, the coldest this year so far. ย There was a heavy mist early but as you can see its lifted a few hundred feet.


Pam has found a walking path, leading from one corner of our little car-park. ย It follows the stream crossing in three places over properly constructed bridges. ย Passing around a small lake then a larger one another kilometre further on.



The view across the first of the two lakes. The snow cover mountains are something to behold. ย Back from our walk we pack up and get going.


We do a quick stop at a little supermarket in the middle of nowhere. ย The first we have seen since crossing into Sweden. We quickly work out its stocked with cheap Norwegian goodies to catch those heading home through Sweden. Just so happens Meller caramels are Pam’s favourite.


After passing perhaps a thousand warning signs of reindeer on the road through Norway, we no sooner roll out of supermarket to find reindeer on the road. We see several goups over the next hour.


Seems this one is the leader of the group, you can tell by the stylish chocker.


We stop for lunch and a break in a little picnic area on the Kalixรฅlven River. This magnificent old concrete bridge was opened in 1929, only used as a walking bridge now.


Without wanting to be critical, this picture typifies travelling through Swedish Lapland. Pine trees lining the roads for hundred of kilometres.


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Its getting late in the afternoon when we see a service station come restaurant with a large parking and picnic area at Lansjรคrv. ย We roll over and park in the far corner with another small camper-car. ย They are a couple of guys from Finland on a trout fishing trip. ย They tell me they stay here every year. ย I get the BBQ out we have defrosted some pork chops for dinner. ย They go nicely with some takeaway chips from the restaurant, a glass of beer and wine.





Travelled: 336 kilometres from Lansjรคrv in Sweden to Oulu in Finland.

Visited: Driving the E10 and Kalix (Sweden)

Stayed: Stadium carpark in Oulu, free. ย No services but close to the city. N65.01891, E25.46275


Pam has a wander about the picnic area in the morning and finds this piece of local artwork.


Well the fishermen were right, it was a good spot for the night. There is also a service point so we do what’s necessary before we hit the road.


Looks like a little rain as we drive today.


30 minutes later we stop at the arctic circle sign and have a photo taken. So that’s it, we have done the arctic circle.


Boy there are a lot of speed cameras on this road. I don’t know if I have ever seen so many. Every change of speed limit seems to have a camera next to it.


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Continuing south we stop at Kalix for a leg stretch and lunch. We parked on the marina near the church, which was closed unfortunately.


Pam meets an old friend in the park at Kalix.


As we walk up town the weather closes in and its starts to drizzle. So we do a quick shop and start our way back.


We find a little Thai pop-up as we do and decide to take the risk. At SEK115 (โ‚ฌ12 or A$18) it was pretty good for a take-away.


As we continue south the weather only gets worse. Crossing the frontier from Sweden into Finland the rain is steady. ย We look at each other and have a chuckle, Finland a new country very exiting.


We drive on through the rain to Oulu. ย The ‘parking 4 night’ data-base shows a parking area near the sports stadium close to the centrum. ย Its a nice free parking spot, so we settle in for the night.





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