Tourist Route 14 Lofoten (part 3), Norway 2017 🇳🇴

Travelled: 143 kilometres along TR14 from Kabelvåg to Lødingen in Nordland

Visited: Austnesfjorden and Grunnfjord

Stayed: The marina stellplatz in Lødingen, NOK180, all the usual services.  N68.41212, E16.00868

Budget: 53 days @ €86 per day

Today we complete the tourist drive along the Lofoten Islands.

I have attached this TR14 tourist information map for reference (again).
Looks consistent if nothing else !

So last night we found ourselves in the car-park of the Storvågan Museum.
So we go for a wander.
Pam pushes some Korean tourists out of the way.

Hopefully this panorama will give you an idea of the museum.
Pam spots this old whale skull sitting just off the path.

We finish our visit to the museum, pack up and head back for a second meeting with the gas-nazi up the road.  Again the gas-nazi has a win, we get 26 litres of LPG for NOK250, that’s A$1.53 per litre.  We drive on into Svolvær and find a parking spot.  Our Telia data sim will not re-charge for some reason or other so we go looking for a phone shop.  Within half an hour its all sorted and we have another 10gb to play with.

Our next stop is Austnesfjorden.  Which like many other places on these tourist routes is not a village or town but a picnic area with some facilities.  The village of Vestpøllen with it’s Church stand out against the fjord.

Other than the fabulous view, Austnesfjorden also has this thing.  Now I love technology, but a machine that accepts any Telford toilet cassette, empties it, gives it a flush, then adds a bio-chemicals for you, and its free !  Can this be true ?  I ask myself, if these were everywhere, Pam wouldn’t need me ?
After reading the ‘how to stick your cassette in’ guidlines, I stick in the wife’s best friend, the C200
About 7-8 minutes later its still still making lots of strange noises, but still the door is closed. I am about to go and get the tool kit out, when I remember it was tandoori last night !
Another minute or so and the machine gives out what sounds like a burp and the little roller door opens. I’m not sure who is the most relieved, Pam or myself.
At Vestpøllen we turn off the E10 taking the road to Grunnfjord.
Its a 40 kilometres detour and the road is narrow, but we only pass a couple of cars. Here we stop briefly at the wreck of an old fishing boat on the rocks.
We eventually find the turn off to the Grunnfjord viewing point. However the un-sealed road is a shocker. Just a series of pot-holes, after 200 metres we decide its not worth shaking the Hymer to bits so we turn back. 5 kilometres later we find this lovely little stop on a sandy beach.
We roll down close to the beach and stop for lunch. If it was 20° warmer I would think I was back in Greece.
After a late lunch and a rest, we head back to the E10 and continue north-west. Passing through several tunnels each one longer than the previous. This one, was 7 kilometres from memory.

It’s late afternoon as we roll down into Lødingen. There is a stellplatz at the marina so we drive around for a look.
The stellplatz proves to be a great spot. Pam craves a long hot shower and I need to do a little maintenance which is much easier on hard stand. We haven’t paid for an overnight for 2-3 weeks so why not. 

Michael and Pam

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