Tourist Route 14 Lofoten (part 2), Norway 2017 🇳🇴

Travelled: 134 kilometres along TR14 from Flakstad to Kabelvåg

Visited: Nusfjord and Henningsvær villages, free

Stayed: Storvågan Museum car-park in Kabelvåg, free, just a bin.  N68.20796, E14.45468

Coninuing our journey along tourist route 14.  Although we take a detour along the 815 today.

I have again added tourist route 14 map for reference.

Laying in bed this morning we can hear the surf pounding on the rocks.  The wind is up as well.  Norway is a contrast of weather so we will see what unfolds.

It appears we are to be punished for yesterday’s glorious sunshine.

Our first stop today is Nusfjord, descibed in the Lonely Planet as picture postcard fishing village from a time long past.  This is Nusfjord with the village in the distance.
The car-park is up a hidiously steep hill behind the village as you can see.
It’s still early and nothing much is happening so we wander about doing the things Koreans do, such as taking pictures of each other with giant dried cod fish heads.
My turn, bit smelly down wind.
Nusford, whilst it was a fishing village, its main income was derived from processing cod livers into oil.  The mustard building is the old factory, the small red building are houses (now tourist accomodation).
The only new structure in Nusfjord is the viewing platform.  Designed and built by students from the architectural school in Oslo.  Yes that’s a big hot tube on the far side.
If find feeling a little peckish, there are plenty of dry fish snacks on offer in Nusfjord’s general store.
From Nusfjord we drive north and join the E10 again.  We cross from Flakstadøya Island to Vestvågøya Island via a deep road tunnel.  We stop at Leknes to service the Hymer and do a little shopping.
Leaving Leknes we take the old highway, the 815 rather than follow the E10. Our plumbing friend on the ferry said it narrow but great scenery.
It seems very isolated out here on the 815.  However if we stop for a break, Pam jumps on the iPad and gets the latest goss on the Grandchildren.  It doesn’t matter it’s always a lighting fast 4G service.  The Norwegians certainly have there internet sorted.
The scenery is constantly changing around every corner in Norway. The road is generally narrow but easy going, we only pass about 3-4 cars in the 40 kilometres till we re-join the E10.
We turn of the E10 again this time for Henningsvær

We arrive in Henningsvær mid afternoon. It’s cold (a bit past chilly), so we get the gloves and beanies out.
Whilst Henningsvær tries to maintain is fishing village feel, it’s no Nusfjord. They have paid parking and a myriad of touristy shops.
Mind you Henningsvær still has an appeal. I like boats and the view of the mountains beyond make it worthwhile.
Our visit to Henningsvær complete we return to the E10 and continue for Svolvær.

We roll into the LPG service centre in Svolvær just before 4pm.  Pump in LPG is as common as rocking horse poo in Norway, so fill when you can is the recommendation.  We changed over to our second LPG cylinder yesterday and its nice to make sure we have full tanks of LPG before crossing to border.  As there is no pump in LPG in Finland !

The very abrupt lady at the front desk (obviously someone’s ex-wife) says ‘no gas today, come back tomorrow’.  I mistakenly asked the ‘gas nazi’ why, its only 4pm ?  Like a Seinfeld episode she took back my bread roll and stated I would be banned if I asked anymore questions, stating ‘be careful or no gas for you’.

So the overnight options in Svolvær look fairly poor, so we drive back a couple of kilometres to the museum car-park in Kabelvåg to have a look.

So we share this spacious car-park with 4 other campers.
Bonus Photo: Only Chinese and Korean tourists by beer in Norway. We have been here for more than 3 week on the stash of beer we brought with us. But I cannot leave the place without trying the local brew. So I venture into the supermarket and purchase a can of Nordland for NOK38 or A$6.  What can I say, the Lidl beer is still a winner and hits the spot at €.29 or A$0.60

Michael and Pam

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