Tourist Route 14 Lofoten (part 1), Norway 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด

Travelled: 45 kilometres along TR14 from ร… to Flakstad Beach, The Lofoten Islands

Visited: Driving the TR14, stopping wherever, free.

Stayed: Beach-side picnic area at Flakstad Beach, free, toilet and bin.  N68.10391, E13.28362

We plan to follow tourist route 14 through the Lofoten Islands over the next few days. The Lofoten are a chain of islands links by tunnels or bridges, they are separated from the mainland Norway by the Norwegian Sea.

The map above should give the Lofoten Island some reference in their position to the rest of Norway.

The Lofoten (TR14) tourist route map of the website.
We enjoyed a quiet evening in ร… last night, once the line marking team finished re-marking the car-park about 9.30pm.  The Hymers enjoying some sun, this morning whilst we get ready for a walk
There is a walking track from the car-park up into the hills overlooking ร…, so we wander up to capture this view.
Quick selfie to annoy the children.
The walk also provides a nice view back to the village of ร…, as well.
A tiny plant beside the path, with it’s three red berries.
Walking through the car-park in ร…, I spot this old fire service tender re-birthed as a camper car.

We really seem a bit lucky.  Our first morning on the Lofotens and weather is wonderful….sun, clear blue sky and no wind to speak of.

Driving north from Moskenes, joining the E10 the road opens up. So we can relax and enjoy the view.
Pam has the binoculars out looking for whales ๐Ÿณ?
Near the village of Reines, we stop for a couple of minutes and marvel at the reflection.
The fishing village at Hamnรธya spans either side of the bridge.
It’s seems like a morning to drive over bridges.
As well as open tunnels, we prefer these because you get a view.
We roll on towards Ramsberg before stopping for lunch.

It’s only another 5 kilometres to Flakstad Beach. We stop at the picnic area and fall in love with the view, so decide to stop.
We decide on an early finish today and find ourselves a spot in the car-park.  We have had several long days recently and the sun is out and the bird are singing (well they probably are as they headed south for the winter 3 weeks ago) so we go for a walk, then just relax.

Michael and Pam

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