Tourist Route 13 Helgelandskysten (part 2), Norway 2017 🇳🇴

Travelled:85 kilometres from Brønnøysund to Sandnessjøen, Nordland.

Visited: Ferry from Horn to Anddalsvågen NOK121, ferry from Forvika to Tjotta NOK204 and Petter Daas Memorial and Church.

Stayed: Parking area under the bridge at Leines (near Sandnessjøen), free. N66.04160, E12.72019

This is a map from the tourism website that may provide some background.

Our few days of mild weather has turned.  Its a bit chilly this morning and we have had a bit of rain overnight.  It continues as drizzle this morning.  What the heck, its Norway, we weren’t planning a day on the beach.  It was a very quiet evening on the marina with all our German neighbors.  Don’t mention Angela Merkel and they seem happy enough.

Having been on power overnight we have charged up everything we own, enjoyed a hot shower without using our LPG and left the coffee machine on long enough to warm the cups before making it.  Pam enjoys a bonus morning shower and washes her hair.  Then we unplug, drive the short distance to the service point, empty and re-fill.

Our first stop is the ferry from Horn to Anddalsvågen. The ferry was pulling away as we arrived, so we had to wait an hour for the next service.
The TR13 from Anddalsvågen to Forvika is 16 kilometres. It’s an easy drive but there is nothing really interesting to tell you about.

So we arrive at Forvika to see the ferry heading off again. It seems we are not having a good day with ferries.  This time the wait is two hours !  We are in a motorhome, so we put on the internet, play a little music and have lunch.
The drizzle lift and we walk up the hill to a church and poke around for a while.
A hare, the only wildlife we have seen so far in Norway.
A headstone from the churchyard in Forvika. We have seen many of these caste iron monuments in Norway. Must have been an in thing in the late 19th century.

Leaving the ferry at Tjotta we are now travelling along the Alsta, once an island now joined by a narrow spit to Lifjellan peninsula.  We have little information on this area, so we try our luck at any interesting tourist sign.

We see a sign to a church and museum, so we turn to explore.
Happy to find the church open, we wander in. The church is currently housing a number of works by Håkon Gullvåg.  Like most churches we have seen in Norway it is Lutheran.
The carving and colour of this alter piece stand out against the white-washed walls.
Some examples of the works on display can be seen as you look back toward the choir.
This monument and the museum adjoining are dedicated to Petter Dass a Lutheran priest and poet born in Nordland. He must have had a incredible impact on the community because the museum is an amazing building.
The granite headland has been cut through to build this futuristic structure. However it cost NOK100 to go in, so we settled for the church and drove on.

Continuing north we have a quick drive through Sandnessjøen looking for a spot for the night, without any luck. As we drive over this amazing bridge at Leines we see a motorhome parked below. We drive around and find a free spot for the night.
It’s cold and misty tonight, but where’re snug in the Hymer enjoying a drink, blogging and reading the Australian.
Our German neighbour taking their cat for a walk !

Michael and Pam

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