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Trondheim and Beyond, Norway ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด. 2017.

Travelled: 232 kilometres from Vevang to Trondheim in the Western Fjordlands.

Visited: Theย Atlanterhavstunnelen (tunnel) NOK130,ย Kristiansund, Ferry to Halsa NOK112 and Trondheim

Stayed: Trondheim motorhome parking (Krogness Gate), just a bin. Free overnight but NOK20 per hour from 8-20 hours


After a great night sleep in Vevang we take one more lap over the bridges before heading on to Kristiansund.



As we approach Kristiansund we travel through theย Atlanterhavstunnelen, at 5.7 kilometres in length, the tunnel drops to a depth of 250 metres below sea level making it one of the deepest road tunnels in the world. ย It’s more a matter of how steeply it descents and then climbs. ย The Hymer will not hold 70 kph in 3rd gear, so we are glad the brakes are back.


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We roll into Kristiansund about an hour later after going through the most amazing and expensive tunnel. ย Anyway we spot a few motorhomes down near the marina and turn to check it out. ย It’s free parking and close to town, so we stop for lunch before going for a walk into town.


Pam is trying to make Kristiansund Open Air Marintime Museum look stylish. ย As we walk along the marina an area has been set aside as a museum with some older boats under restoration etc. ย There are a selection of old photos which show this area has changed little in a hundred years.


The sentrum in Kristiansund, it’s a nice walk along the quay.

Opposite the quay we find a Vinmonopolet (Government Bottle Shop). Alcohol above 5% is a controlled substance in Norway. So supermarkets only stock mid-strength beer ๐Ÿป. You didn’t know you could get a 4.8% Heineken did you ? ย Mind you a 500ml can of Heineken is NOK34 or A$5.50 each.


So if you want wine or spirits you must by it from the Vinmonopolet. ย Alcoholic drinks above 5% are heavily taxed. ย Hence a nice New Zealand 3 liter cardboard Sav Bloc at NOK450 or A$72.


On the road again, its a long drive to Trondheim. Lots of bridges and several more tunnels.


And of course another ferry crossing from Kanestraum to Halsa.


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We arrive in Trondheim just before six in the evening and luckily find a spot in a dedicated motorhome parking place.


To our dismay we find the parking is free overnight but the hourly rate after 8am is NOK20. ย We had planned to spend the day here tomorrow but we may have a re-think.




Travelled: 204 kilometres from Trondheim to Grong in the Trรธndelag or Central Norway

Visited: Downtown Trondheim and Grong

Stayed: A picnic area on the river at Grong (beautiful), free just a bin N64.46488, E12.30761


Not a great night sleep in Trodheim. ย There is a music festival on in the centre of town, probably almost a kilometre away but the sound carried along the river. When I say music I use the term loosely, duff, duff is a more accurate term. ย That and the Italian camper next to us who came back from town at 11pm and decided to spend 10 minutes getting his camper level. ย After 5 years of motorhoming around Europe, I can safely say Italians are generally the rudest and least considerate bunch you will meet in a stellplatz.


We have two things to do today, find a laundromat to do some washing. ย Secondly buy a local sim-card. ย We have used Three UK sims during our travels the last couple of year and the service has been generally very good. ย But in Norway, the service is poor unless you are in a large town or city and there’s not many of those here. ย So after checking with some fello bloggers (M&M) we will try a local sim.


We wander up into town early to see if we can find the Laundromat. We must be walking through the nice part of town as the homes are quite grand.


Another grand looking building.



So we find the laundromat down near the marina and decide to drive down there and park. So we bolt back to the Hymer, pack up and head for the marina. Thought this house overlooking the river was worth showing you as well.


We get lucky and snag a spot directly outside the laundromat. ย The parking is even more expensive here (NOK25 ph) so we decide to take turns keeping an eye out for a parking officer and save our hard earned NOK a little longer. ย We quickly get a couple of washine machines going. ย There are a couple of odd looking coves hanging around the dryer. ย From their unusual behaviour we suspected they were Tasmanian. ย Pam, a Tasmanian native (Yes, Hobart ), started chatting in their local dialect. ย It seems they are a bunch of salmon salesman visiting Norway for a conference on aquaculture and possibly a beer festival, as they seemed a bit dusty. ย Anyway we had a good old chat whilst the machines did there job.


Washing completed, we have sardines on toast in the Hymer as the cloths dryer was rolling around. We put a few NOK in the parking meter and go find a Telia phone shop across the canal.


Whilst buying a new sim I find the battery in my iPhone is virtually flat, so no more photos of Trondheim. ย Anyway after wandering the waterfront for a while we head back to the Hymer and make our way out of town.


The Telia 4g sim works a treat and so far its very fast.


With a long afternoon on the E13 ahead of us, we run quickly through a series of tunnels as we exit Trondheim before the road narrows and the traffic slows.


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We arrive in Grong just before 6pm and go for a walk. It’s just a village really, but a pretty spot.





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