South Koster Island, Sweden 2017 🇸🇪

Travelled: 140 kilometres from Strömstad in Sweden 🇸🇪  to Oslo in Norway 🇳🇴 .

Visited: South Koster Island by ferry SEK420

Stayed: Colliseum car park in Oslo, free (NOK25ph but free after 8pm) N59.92887 E10.70566 (thanks M&M)

The stellplatz at Strömstad has a free bus stop to and from the town.  So we take a late afternoon bus ride into town to investigate the local ferries.  10 minutes later we find the tourist office and get some maps and details for the ferry service to Koster.  We have a wander about the marina before catching the bus back.

Our evening at Strömstad was a bit noisier than we normally like.  A goup of motorhomers just across the way decided on a sing-song about 7pm and this continued until about 10pm.  You do get a bit tired of a ukulele after a couple of hours.  They were still playing as we went to bed, I cannot remember if they stopped or I just fell asleep anyway.  Other than that it was a good sleep and we woke to a little early drizzle as usual.

Our spot on the stellplatz in Strömstad.

Thinking our ferry and cycle ride wasn’t looking good, we checked the forcast which indicated it was clear.  So the ferry it is.  After coffee and breakfast I unload the bikes and we head into town on the cycleway.

On the ferry as we depart Strömstad. The ferry stops at 5 different villages on the two islands, being North and South Koster.
We pass several small islands on our way across to Koster.  It really is a beautiful piece of coastline.
The ferries second stop is Ekenås on South Koster. We disembark with our bicycles and the adventure starts.
So for the next couple few hours we ride the ups and down of South Koster. The roads and paths are narrow, but we don’t see a car, only the odd vehicle most suitable described as a tuk tuk.
There is the odd very nice little village like this one, which is more a sort of Swedish version of a condo, mostly it’s older summer houses, well kept with an ‘ On Golden Ponds’ look about them.
There’s even a golf course on South Koster !
Visit this lovely little church. I put it on a Facebook post and my sister Jeni commented ‘I just ordered one of those from IKEA !’ (I hope a piece is missing and she has to take it back)
Inside the Church is just as simple as the outside.  Maybe it is IKEA !
We even have time to do a short walk into the National Park, mind you the weather is turning.

I try an avoid pictures of myself, but here I am in Långegärd. You will note I am wearing traditional Australian national dress (winter). As an addendum do you have any idea how difficult it is to write ö and å on an iPad keyboard ?
Yes that’s the spelling !
We have some time to waste before the ferry back to Strömstad, so we have a seafood pizza and a drink in this little cafe at Långegärd.
On our return to the stellplatz we pack up the bikes, service the Hymer and make a late dash to Oslo.  This is the nervous part, crossing the Norwegian customs gate with a Hymer full of beer.  Gave them the lager lad wink and smile and we were in.
We arrive safely in Oslo, parking in a free spot near the Figures Park. We join a German couple behind us, who visited Australia five years ago and a Welsh couple in front just after this photo was taken.

Michael and Pam

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