Groningen, The Netherlands 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Travelled: 155 kilometres from Den Helder in Holland to Groningen in the Friesland, The Netherlands

Visited: The old centrum of Groningen, the Martinitoren Tower โ‚ฌ3 pp

Stayed: No Limits Shipping, Marina Stellplatz โ‚ฌ12.50 all services and wifi. N53.21606 E06.59579 (CamperContact)

We arrived in Groningen mid-afternoon and find the marina after some assistance from a kind neigbour.  Nothing special, a working marina, rather than a place rich people keep their boats.  But it’s reasonable close to the old town and very quiet, with nice clean facilities.  We try and venture out and walk up town a couple of times during the afternoon only to be beaten back by the drizzle.  Apart from that I need to find some solution to our failed mail system.  So I spend the afternoon on wordpress.

The B644 behind us is magnificent, a year younger than the Hymer.  It’s one of the special models they produced in 2006, before going to the newer shape in 2007.  Mind you ours would look a bit better if Pam didn’t have it disguised as a Chinese laundry !

We wake to a sunny morning, something of a shock seeing the sun in the morning.  So we have breakfast and set of for the old center of Groningen.

We walk up past a massive outlet complex and suddenly it’s suburbia Friesian style. Modern apartment along side old house boats and barges.
A second canal, just on the edge of the centrum.  More house boats and barges lining the canal.  We note they all have their own post box and sewer outlet.  The later explaining why the canals look so clean (in comparison to the French canals, Yuk!)
Thought this was interesting.  They build a new tourist office near the Martinitoren Tower.  So they mural the side of the new building to blend it in ?
The Martinitoren (tower) is part of the Martinikerk (church).  But we find out its โ‚ฌ3pp to visit the tower and another โ‚ฌ3pp to visit the church.  We opt for the tower only.  Built in the 16th century by the way.
The tower doesn’t open till 11am, bascily most stuff in the Netherlands doesn’t so we go for a walk around the tourist route. Facing the town square called the Martinikerkhof, th old Rathaus.
Groningen is a University City and this grand building the university chancellery.
Found this lovely old building now a coffee shop on our travels.
Must be after 11am.  Pam climbing the spiral staircase within The Martinitoren.  While the tower is quite high you can only climb about 2/3 the way up.  Mind you it’s hard work the steps are much higher than normal.
View from the Martinitoren across the square.
Looking back over the Marinikerk Church.
Quick selfie on the canal as we make our way back to the Hymer.  We have time to pack up and make our way into Germany this afternoon.  We loved Germany last year and are looking forward to following the rules once again.

Michael and Pam

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