Enkhuizen, Holland 2017 🇳🇱

Travelled: 45 kilometres from Hoorn to Enkhuizen in Holland

Visited: Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen €16pp

Stayed: Enkhuizen Yatch Haven, €10.50 water and toilet. N52.69804 E05.29024

After enjoying a quiet night at Hoorn we woke to another clear but cool morning in the Netherlands.  We saw no need to linger in Hoorn, so coffee and fruit and we hit the road.  The road network in The Netherlands is first class.  It does not have the high speed autobahns of Germany, but the A and B roads are smooth, relatively wide and well marked.  Round-abouts are rare, there are more traffic lights but they phase very quickly, so its all about timing.

Parked on the marina in Enkhuizen. We arrive about 10am but you cannot book in until 12pm. But you can stay without paying for 5 hours, if you display a time of arrival tag. Sounds complex, but we worked it out.
The marina just up from the stellplatz, lots of older sailing craft.

Enkuizen is a yatch’s town, they tell us there are 5 harbours within the town.  From Enkhuizen you can sale straight into the Zuiderzee (the waterway between northern Holland and the Friesland.  Seemingly hundred of yatchs, many actully being used, people are everywhere loading up, setting off or recovering from last nights activities.  However we have come to visit the Zuiderzee Museum, supposedly the best mureum in The Netherlands.

Pam with the Enkhuizen Railway Station in the background.
A bit of the usual street art, just outside the old gate house in Enkhuizen.
The old gate house or tax house to the original harbour, still an impressive edifice.
The Zuiderzee Museum is an open air museum depicting life in a fishing village in Holland, circa 1880 to 1920. Some building and fitting are original, some other re-located from around the area.
Established in 1983, the museum is in two parts the outdoor collection and the indoor demonstrations of arts and crafts.
It’s an interesting walk around despite the weather. During our couple of weeks in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 last year it was warm and wet, this year it’s cool and wet.
Never get sick at walking over and having a look at a windmill.  Better still if it works.

Must be the boy in me, I love a steam engine !
Pam loved the steam engine as well because it power’s the laundry and she loves doing the washing.
We visit the bootmaker, the basket weaver, the iron monger and the apotheek (chemist) during the next couple of hours.
There is even have a smoke house doing smoked fish. Pam and I have looked at the smoke herrings in the markets but never tried them until today. Amazingly good, except your fingers smell for the next two days.
One of the most amazing exhibits is the church re-built stone by stone and relocated to the museum. Dating back to the 16th century, you wouldn’t know it had not stood here the entire time.
It’s been a long afternoon at the museum and we wander back to the Hymer. Couldn’t help but add the photo of this garden adjoining one of the museum cottage.

We cannot be bothered making dinner, so we opt for dinner out at a pizza place.  The pizza marinara was a mixture of smoked fish rather than the Aussie version of calamari, prawns etc, it was very nice !

Michael and Pam

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