Hoorn, Holland 2017 🇳🇱

Travelled: 26 kilometres from De Rijp to Hoorn, both in Holland.

Visited: The old centrum of Horn (free, costs nothing to wander about)

Stayed: The carpark adjacent the Hoorn Yatch-Haven. €2.50 (no services) N52.63398, E05.05715

We drove the relatively short distance from De Rijp to Hoorn in the late afternoon only to find the stellplatz or motorhome parking area full.  The stellplatz is within a huge yatchclub, fenced with security gate etc.  I finally get a chance to talk to the manager, she tells me all spaces are booked out for the evening, but we can stay in the carpark where we are for free, after 6pm.  So I pay €2.50 to cover us for the interum and we settle in.

Here we are on the outside of the security fence for free and everyone on the inside has paid €15.

It doesn’t get dark until 10pm so there plenty of time for a walk.  We originally plan to walk up town and have dinner as it’s been a long day and an even longer bike ride, so we set off.

The old centrum of Hoorn is a very interesting walk. We cannot tell you about this building, but it’s amazingly busy.
Just had to take a picture of these trees 🌲 and how they frame the entry behind them.
The town square in Hoorn, more accurately a bar on one corner of the square.  There are a lot of people around, its a very friendly place.
A statue of Jan Cohen, takes pride of place in the square as you would expect. The founder of the Dutch East India deserves a little credit.
Just love this doorway.

Well we didn’t find anything to excite us for dinner so we head back to the Hymer and do some leftovers.  We are probably a bit tired and hard to please tonight, however we both agree Hoorn is well worth a walk around.  Funny enough, that’s exactly what the Lonely Planet said on page 118.

Michael and Pam

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