Delft, Holland 2017 🇳🇱

Travelled: 114 kilometres from Schiedam, near Rotterdam to De Rijp in Holland

Visited: Delft, The New Church and Tower €8pp, ferry across the canal near De Rijp €2.50

Stayed: Fam Stoop, De Rijp. €10 including electricity and water, N52.54898 E04.83392 (Camper Stop)

We needed a good nights sleep after the past couple of days and nights.  The Schiedam provided a lovely walk along the canal yesterday evening, a Turkish take away and a quiet night.  We spent two days visiting Rotterdam last year and our goal is to visit some of the towns we missed in northern Holland last year.

(Note: Last year we only got as far north as Amsterdam before doing a Rhein River cruise and going east to explore Germany)

Found another Windmill as we walked the canals this morning.

But a little housekeeping first, we need some bread and a few other essentials (beer) and Pam likes a walk first thing.  So we take the long way and walk around the canal to the main shopping area, hit the supermarket then visit the fruit market we find outside the church.  The berries are just bursting with flavour, but then again the strawberries and rasberries in Wales were excellent as well.  We are lucky in Australia, as we can get fresh berries and fruit all year, but not as good as those found in the markets here.

I turn my back for a moment only to find Pam chatting with a local.

After a little re-packing we wave goodbye to the Schiedam and head for our next stop, Delft.

We need to service the Hymer, if you get my drift. There is a large campsite on the edge of town, so we stop and I go in and apply some Aussie charm. I am told the facilities are only for guests, but yes you can service your camper, she gives me a map of the old town and where the best free parking can be found.
Delft is judged as ‘the most beautiful town in Holland’ in the Lonely Planet. The canals are lined with lovely homes, its clean and tidy.
A more modern version of a classic lift bridge on the canal in Delft.
The main thoroughfare of Delft leading to the town square and Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).
The Town Hall (Stadhuis) at the top of the square. Sorry about the odd angle but a large delivery truck was parked in front.

We pay our money to visit the New Church and climb its impressive tower.  The inside of the church is undergoing extensive restoration, but the interctive tour path through the church proves informative.  From its initial construction in 1381 to completion in its current form in 1584 it was beset with fire and calamody.

Looking back at the magnificent organ above the front doors.
Behind the alter piece stand this mausoleum dedicated to the House of Orange.
At 108 metres the tower provides wonderful views, after you catch your breath. There are 376 steps up a tight spiral staircase to the top viewing platform.
The Catholic Church across the way.
The carillon drum just below the top level.
We have a coffee before make our way back to the Hymer via the canals.

Delft is a lovely place to wander about, and no bus loads of tourist to be seen during our visit.  Back in the Hymer our next planned destination is Harleem north-west of Amsterdam.  Driving through Harleem and stopping at the Lidl we get the feeling that Harleem is not for us.  A quick look at our notes and we continue on to De Rijp.  Supposedly a great place to ride the canals and waterways of Holland.

Our GPS has some fun with us and we find ourselves crossing a canal on a small ferry as we near De Rijp.

We have a farm stop entered in the GPS so we will let you know how we go.

Michael and Pam

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