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Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales. 2017

Travelled: 103 kilometres from Aberystwyth to Moylegrove, Wales

Visited: Mwnt beach and Church (free)

Stayed: A small parking area near Moylegrove N52.07734, W04.76184 (free) no services.


Driving down from Aberystwyth the weather was foul, rain and heavy mist. ย It made for a slow trip, the coast is on our right but you could not see it very often. ย  We turn at Aberaeron and make our way up the hill to Llanerchaeron to visit a Castle only to find it doesn’t open until 1130. ย Not in the mood to sit in the Hymer in the rail for an hour we continue south. ย By the time we are approaching Cardigan the weather has cleared and patches of sunlight appear.


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We turn for the coast and Mwnt. ย Mwnt is not really a town or village but some scattered farms a campsite, but it does have a small church that dates back a thousand years with Y Foel Hill as its backdrop. ย Pembrokeshire is famous for its coastline and the Lonely Planet state Mwnt is worth a visit.


Just your average B road in Wales.


The Holy Cross Church at Mwnt.


Some part of the old church go back a thousand years but the roof etc is 14th century.


Spot the Hymer photo from Y Foel Hill.


Surfs up at Mwnt Beach. There were actually a couple of guys on boards trying to get a wave.


We have lunched visited the church and walked the hill, so its time to hit the road again. ย A quick bit of shopping in Cardigan, at the Aldi for milk and juice not to buy a cardi. ย We drive now looking for parking spot for the night. ย We hope for some better weather in the morning and the opportunity to walk a section of the Pembrokeshire walking path.


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We get lucky after seeing a Wildcamping spot on the GPS, we drive down a long narrow lane south of Molygrove. What a super spot, no through road most people leave before dusk. ย As good as wildcamping gets.


It’s late afternoon by the time we settle into our spot and have a quick look around. So we plan a longer walk in the morning at the Welsh weathers’ convenience. ย Pam is having a nap, whilst I catch up on some planned maintenance, installing a ‘SOG System’ on the toilet. ย Motorhomers and caravaners will know what a SOG system is, it’s not the most interesting subject so you can google it if you like. ย A couple of years ago I ask about getting one installed, last year I kept thinking I should have purchased one and as these thing work out, this year I did. ย An hour and a half later the jobs done and we are very happy with the results.




Travelled: 108 kilometres from Molygrove to Lydstep, Wales.

Visited: Pembrokeshire Walking Path and Lunch at Saint David’s

Stayed: Pembrokeshire Walking Path Carpark, near Lydstep, free. N51.64422, W04.77192


Another day, another long walk.


Bright and early we are up, to our surprise the skies are clear its a picture perfect morning. Coffee and some fruit we head west along the path.


The views are amazing ! There is so much to take in we seem to be constantly stopping to look at something.


We walk the black cliffs, sections of fern and bracken for 90 minutes. ย Faced with another section with 200 steps down and then up again. ย We turn back to do it all again.


The iPhone is not the best camera ๐ŸŽฅ for capturing dolphins ๐Ÿฌ a few hundred metres away, so sorry about the picture. For 30 minutes of our return journey we follow the pod tracking along side us.


Of course Pam wanted to swim with the dolphins, however on finding the water was 15ยบ she decided against it.


You do need to stop and look at the view, rather that look around while you walk. The path is very close to the cliff edge in lots of places.


Back in the Hymer we pack up and say goodbye to this beautiful place and continue along the coast.


We stop at a small lay-by in Fishguard for a coffee. Couldn’t help but be inspired by this patch of poppies and other bits, happily enjoying a moment or two of Welsh sunlight.


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St. Davids is the most westerly point in Wales. It a bit of a tourist trap. Tourist coaches line the main area dropping of people to wander aimlessly it seemed. We opted for a nice little carpark with a lovely view across the bay. We lunch and have a little rest after the long walk this morning.


From St. Davids we continue on towards Tenby. ย Our cousin Anne has recommended the Pembrokeshire walks west of Tenby and we find a quiet spot for the night just out of Lydstep.


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This picturesque spot was a great stepping off point for our next walk, its what wild camping is all about.


2 thoughts on “Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales. 2017

  1. Jake

    Just found your website via our bumble. You should have stayed in wales and we’d have cime to say hello. We are just around the corner

    1. mickpamg@bigpond.com Post author


      Thanks for your comment on the blog. We really enjoyed Wales, despite me grizzling about the weather. We found it easy enough to find a wildcamp most of the time.

      Have never seen so many old steam trains as well.

      We normally come to England, pick up the Hymer and do a couple of weeks touring. As Aussies we can only do 90 days in the EU, so it give us a chance to get the bugs out of the Hymer before going across the ditch.

      Are you travelling or are lucky enough to live it Wales ?

      Michael and Pam Guymer

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