Starting another Adventure. 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Travelled: 178 kilometres from Bosham (Church Farm) to Oxford.

Visited: A day in Transit.

Stayed: The Old Red Lion, Oxford Road, Marston (Oxford). ย N51.77233 W01.23752 ย (A PubStop) free.

We arrive at Heathrow 10 minutes before our scheduled time. ย While Singapore Airlines operated with it’s usual efficiency, 22 hours is a long flight. ย We are lucky to pull an empty seat, so we can spread out on the first leg to Singapore. ย But with the child across the ailse screaming for 6 of the 8.5 hour to Singapore had everyone on the boil. ย The secong leg was much better, especially for Pam who broke a personal record and got several hours kip.

So we are through border control within the hour and on our way to Church Farm near Bosham to be re-united with our home on wheels affectionatley known as ‘The Hymer’. ย Pam does the unpacking whilst I close all the valves, fill the water tank, and start testing all the Hymer’s habitation system. ย We cannot get the fridge to start, so some worried looks are exchanged as we contemplate warm beer. ย Someone has closed the LPG isolation valve leading to the fridge, so with the flick of a valve cold beer is back on the menu.

Glad to be off the plane despite the conga line !

Our English cousins Terry and Lelia arrive shortly after with several packages I have ordered over the past 8 months. ย Its a little like Christmas, as I cannot remember half of the stuff, but thats OK. ย Pam knows I would never order anything that wasnt really necessary. ย Shortly after we are sitting in the Berkeley Arms catching up on family gossip and the like. ย Pam and Lelia prattle on about the grandchildren whist Terry and I discuss the merits of the new Golf V Tiguan.

After lunch we find the fridge is cold and we say our goodbyes to Terry and Lelia and depart Church Farm and head north…

We have a great run North until we hit Oxford and the evening traffic, it takes almost an hour to drive the last few miles. ย Oxford is the home of the Mini, a little trivia for you. ย Very interesting sitting in the traffic where 1 in every 3 cars is a Mini. ย I dont mind saying it was a struggle given the long flight, lunch and general jet lag. ย Luckily there was no chance of me falling asleep with the dulcid tones of Pam snooring away next to me.



The Old Red Lion proved to be a lovely old pub with a large grass area for motorhomes well away from the pub itself.

Anyway The Old Red Lion proves to be a great spot, there is a large grassed area at the rear and we settle in next to a motorhome from The Netherlands. ย The Publican welcomes us and states there is no charge for staying over if we use the pub. ย So we have a beer and glass of wine (ยฃ8), watch Wimbledon for a while using the free wifi before calling it a night.

Michael and Pam

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