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Starting our 2017 Adventure

Travelled: 178 kilometres from Bosham (Church Farm) to Oxford.


Stayed: The Old Red Lion, Oxford Road, Marston (Oxford). N51.77233, W01.23752. (A PubStop) free.


We arrive at Heathrow 10 minutes before our scheduled time. ย While Singapore Airlines operated with it’s usual efficiency, 22 hours is a long flight. ย We are lucky to pull an empty seat, so we can spread out on the first leg to Singapore. ย But with the child across the ailse screaming for 6 of the 8.5 hour to Singapore had everyone on the boil. ย The secong leg was much better, especially for Pam who broke a personal record and got several hours kip.


So we are through border control within the hour and on our way to Church Farm near Bosham to be re-united with our home on wheels affectionatley known as ‘The Hymer’. ย Pam does the unpacking whilst I close all the valves, fill the water tank, and start testing all the Hymer’s habitation system. ย We cannot get the fridge to start, so some worried looks are exchanged as we contemplate warm beer. ย Someone has closed the LPG isolation valve leading to the fridge, so with the flick of a valve cold beer is back on the menu.



Glad to be off the plane despite the conga line !


Our English cousins Terry and Lelia arrive shortly after with several packages I have ordered over the past 8 months. ย Its a little like Christmas, as I cannot remember half of the stuff, but thats OK. ย Pam knows I would never order anything that wasnt really necessary. ย Shortly after we are sitting in the Berkeley Arms catching up on family gossip and the like. ย Pam and Lelia prattle on about the grandchildren whist Terry and I discuss the merits of the new Golf V Tiguan.


After lunch we find the fridge is cold and we say our goodbyes to Terry and Lelia and depart Church Farm and head north…


We have a great run North until we hit Oxford and the evening traffic, it takes almost an hour to drive the last few miles. ย Oxford is the home of the Mini, a little trivia for you. ย Very interesting sitting in the traffic where 1 in every 3 cars is a Mini. ย I dont mind saying it was a struggle given the long flight, lunch and general jet lag. ย Luckily there was no chance of me falling asleep with the dulcid tones of Pam snooring away next to me.


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The Old Red Lion proved to be a lovely old pub with a large grass area for motorhomes well away from the pub itself.


Anyway The Old Red Lion proves to be a great spot, there is a large grassed area at the rear and we settle in next to a motorhome from The Netherlands. ย The Publican welcomes us and states there is no charge for staying over if we use the pub. ย So we have a beer and glass of wine (ยฃ8), watch Wimbledon for a while using the free wifi before calling it a night.

Travelled: 192 kilometres from Oxford to Coventry in the Midlands.


Stayed: The Malt Shovel, Lane End, Bubbenhall (Coventry), N52.34978, W01.46943 (A PubStop) free.

By this stage if your still reading your probably wondering where are we going ? ย The background being firstly our inverter had a little problem last year to which I made a temporarliy fixed. ย After several emails and phone calls over the past 8 months we find an electronics place that specialise in our brand of invertor, just north of Coventry. ย Secondly our friends Gary and Carmel also from Sydney are on a road trip around England and Ireland and are planning on being in Coventry today. ย Lastly we are planning on touring Wales for a couple of weeks and it’s sort of on the way.

Its first light at 4 am this time of year in England, but we manage to steal an extra hour or so. ย By 6 am we are up repacking some of the cupboards and getting ourselves organised. ย On the road again continuing north after breakfast. ย By lunch time the inverter has been repaired and we are thinking about where to park for the night. ย After looking through our various data bases we find a counrty pub only 10 minutes out of Coventry, so we head over for a look.
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A classic English pub, The Malt Shovel. You would never find it without the postcode or co-ordinates.


We meet up with Gary and Carmel having a wonderful afternoon chatting about their travels and ours. ย Full of beer and good company we say our goodbyes and another one of our goals for the start of our trip has been achieved.

Still mates since our days as young firefighter at Parramatta.

Poppies line the public footpath as we cross this farmer’s field.

After a very long sleep we are up and about early and head off on a walk suggested by the Publican. ย Its a cool morning but the sun is out and there is a light breeze. ย The summer crops are maturing and wildflowers line the paths. ย Wales is calling so we pack up and hit the road. ย Hopefully the blogs get more interesting from here.

Leaving the motorways of England we roll into Wales.

3 thoughts on “Starting our 2017 Adventure

  1. Rita

    PLEEEEEEEAAAASE tell me it has not been a FULL year already ? !!!

    What is your travel plan? does it include “exotic” places like Alleppo, Bagdad or even the more dangerous places like Kreuzberg in Berlin or St. Denis in Paris (known as a no-go zone)? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Politically, the coalition looks even more shakey since your depart which I assume must have happened over a week ago? Labor is mounting a legal challenge against an MP (forget the name) who apparantly has a “conflict of interests”. If they are successful, then Monsieur Turnbull would lose his 1 seat majority.

    As to American Politics, here is a little post (2 very short videos) which, I think, show the quintessential difference between Obama and Trump:

    whoops it doesn’t let me include my little post…you can see it on my Website if you feel like it.

    Travel safely, looking forward to your reports.

  2. Ewout

    I Guys, very jealous our next trip does not get underway until September. Will be following your blog with interest as unusual. Enjoy and safe travels. Ewout and Jenny.

  3. Alan Ingram

    Which way did you go from Oxford to Coventry? I guessed at 60 to 70 miles which at best is 120km?
    Ps we met you at the castle in Wales ๐Ÿ™‚

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