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Freiburg and Waldkirch, Germany. 2016

Travelled : 72 kilometres from Getenbach to Waldkirch, Baden-Wรผrttemberg.

Travelled : 20 kilometres from Waldkirch to Freiburg, Baden-Wรผrttemberg.

Visited : Waldkirch and Freiburg

Stayed : Waldkirch Municipal Stellplatz, free, the usual services but โ‚ฌ1 for water N48.09026 E7.95828 (1 night)

Stayed : Frieburg Municipal Stellplatz, โ‚ฌ10, the usual services, electricity โ‚ฌ1 ย N47.99930 ย E7.82590 ย (1 night)

Budget : 97 days @ โ‚ฌ75 per day.


We say a sad goodbye to Gutenberg and start the steep climb out of the valley. ย We didn’t complete our walk but we meet some lovely people, have eaten some of the best Black Forest Gataeu and give the Hymer’s heating system a test. ย If the weather cleared a little we planned a drive to Mount Brend as the views over this side of the Forest are claimed to be spectacular, but we can barely see 100 metres in the mist we just continue north.

We stop briefly in Triberg, fuel up the Hymer, refill the fridge at the Lidl and take in the a tourist town with more Cuckoo shops than parking spots.

It’s time to get serious about heading back to England and putting the Hymer to bed for 2106. ย We need to get ourselves back to the warmth of an Australian summer. ย So we turn west toward Freiburg, half an hour later we see a castle on a hill overlooking the town of Waldkirch decide to stop.



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Waldkirch straddles the Elz River, a tributary of the Danube. ย Its has a nice stellplatz (free) only a short walk from the altstadt.



Like all good German towns it has a model railway shop (its true). ย It had some great 2nd hand Marklin locos for sale, but don’t tell Greg, Christine would kill me.



An interesting fountain in the Marktplatz. Sunny one minute, cold the next. Its time to find a warmer place to spend October.



Only a 100 metres from our camper we find this lovely lake, a mini golf course and an activities centre for kids. There was a nice biergarten adjacent the lake, but as we didn’t have our thermal underwear on, we had a drink inside.



Interesting bird house we find walking through the park in Waldkirch.



In the morning we decide to walk up to the Castleburg. The adventure starts with the first of a dozen carved wooden knights we find guarding the pathway.



Its a long steep walk up the hill, but eventually we reach the Castle only to find there are 30 noisy school kids running about. ย The Castle first written reference is in 1254. ย Interesting is the use of red sandstone in the lintels and archways. ย The same stone can be seen in the town’s church which dates 500 years later.



The staircase up to the tower is a beauty.


Nice view of Waldkirch from the Castle. As you can tell the weather is preparing to change every 10 minutes.


Back from our walk to the Castle it’s a quick service for the Hymer and we head for Freiburg. A very short drive later we arrive in Freiburg and soon find the stellplatz. ย It has all the usual German rules and complexities, but the people managing the stellplatz are very friendly and helpful. ย Just a guess but I would estimate there are 70-80 motorhomes there when we arrive, and more before dark. ย Nearly all Germans are heading for Spain and Portugal.



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Freiburg is the sunniest town in Germany (apparently), It produces more solar energy annually, than the whole of the UK, according to the blurb.



However I can assure you it wasn’t generating too much electricity ย during our visit. ย Freiburg is a University town, full of young people mostly having a good time.



Apart from some lovely old building, there seemed to be some uni activities going on. These activities all seem to involve beer. In this particular one, participant had to land a table tennis ball in a cup. Failing to do so required the cup to be filled with beer… you can imagine the rest.



Our favourite was the stone mosaic inlaid in the footpaths. ย Obviously the current us of the shop did not reflect the use displayed on the footpath but it was fun.



We visit the Freiburg Munster (Cathedral). Huge of course, but very gothic in style. It’s being extensively renovated at the moment and large sections were scaffolded.



A large stain glass window in the Munster. It was a very cloudy day outside and very dark inside.



Pam coughs up her โ‚ฌ.50 and light’s a candle.


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  1. Sandy

    Hi Guys
    Your adventure continues …. The weather looks a little cold bit up and down here at home too . Paul has a beautiful baby girl born on 10th … Macy Eve … All good . We are missing you and looking forward to you coming home
    All fine back here
    Travel safe
    Love Sandy x x

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