Bayreuth to Bamberg, Germany 2016 ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Travelled : 132 kilometres from Zwickau to Bayreuth in Bavaria, then 74 kilometres from Bayreuth to Bamberg still in Bavaria.

Visited : Bamberg

Stayed : Grunewaldstrasse Stellplatz Bayreuth โ‚ฌ4 + โ‚ฌ1 each for water and dump. ย N49.94523 ย E11.59315

P+R Heindrichsdamm (Bamberg) Stellplatz โ‚ฌ12, all the usual but electricity is โ‚ฌ.50 @ kilowatt. N49.88528 E10.90278

We travelled through the late afternoon drizzle and rain to Bayreuth.  It was the birthplace of composer Richard Wagner and he also built a grand opera house here as well.  We find the stellplatz easily enough but its a good 15-20 minutes walk to the altstadt.  It’s Sunday afternoon and we can only hope for better weather in the morning.   The stellplatz itself looks brand new, set against the backdrop of a stream and a public reserve its a very nice place to stop.  Mind you it would be even better if it would stop raining.

After a good sleep, hoping for the weather to break we wake to the sound of drizzle on the roof again.   It doesn’t improve and we go for a walk in jackets with an umbrella passing a little bakery to get some croissants and rolls for lunch.  Have I mentioned one of the great things about Germany are the little bakeries scattered through the towns and villages.  They seem to survive despite the onslaught of Aldi and Lidl.  Nice change from Belgium and Holland where it’s only supermarket bread.  I digress, its now 10am and the weather hasn’t improved.  So we decided to service the Hymer and continue south.

One of the wonderful things about motorhome travel is your itinerary can change just like the weather.  The Lonely Planet gives Bamberg an A+ and my sister Jeni told me she had a friend who had recently been there, so Bamberg it is.

The stellplatz at Bamburg, very popular even at this time of year. Only two vacant spots when we arrived. Its about 1500 metres on a dedicated cycle path to the altstadt.
Bamburg is a large sprawling city. As we approach by road it seems much like any other large town,  shopping centres, factories and numerous car yards.  But once we have settled in the stellplatz and started walking along the canal into the altstadt its like going back to a more genteel time.
Bamburg is known locally as ‘Little Venice’. After a couple of days rain we agree.  Water is surging through the many locks and weirs that control the canals through the Old Town.
We find this beautiful arched gateway in the middle of a bridge.  It was part of the original Rathaus (Town Hall) built in the 14th century.
Another photo of the Rathaus.  The remainder of the building was apparently converted to the Baroque Rococo style in 1750.  After a month in Germany we have seen many buildings decorated in the Rococo style.
The Cathedral of St.Peter & St.George in Bamberg. The original cathedral was consecrated here in 1012. Expanded to its current form in 1237, its one of the oldest Churches we have visited.
Inside the Cathedral. The tomb of the imperial couple Heinrich II and Kunigunde. Apparently she wasn’t that keen, but heck he was the King.  Pam was a little concerned about the extra hands holding the shields at their feet.
This Cathedral in Bamberg is a massive building. This is one of the two choirs within the cathedral.  The crypt has a special ‘Bishops only section amongst the numerous entombed.  There is also some famous artwork mostly associated with the martyrdom of various Saints scattered about.  Its a really interesting Cathedral to visit, although it was very dark on the day.
Bamberg is full of old quirky buildings. Goodness knows what’s holding this one up !
Another unusual building in Bamburg. Most buildings in the Old Town are the classic half timber, but someone has gone to the expense of building this from stone, then having a stone cow carved above the front door.
The Klein Venedig or Little Venice district of Bamberg. The information states they are a series of homes built on stilts over the canal. Given the rain of the past few days, there were no stilts to be seen.
Another lovely old building seeming overflowing with Rococo style, just off the canal in Bamburg. It really is a wonderful town to just wander about.
A little house at the end of a lane way. Bamburgs an easy place to get lost, but soon enough you come to a bridge and your not lost any more.

Michael and Pam

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