Dresden, Germany 2016 🇩🇪

Travelled : 113 kilometres from Cottbus, Brandenburg (State) to Dresden, Saxony

Visited : Dresden, Elbe River Cruise €35 double, Residenzschloss and Grunes Gewolbe Museums €42 double,

Stayed : Wohnmobilestellplatz Am Bluherpark for 2 nights, €17 including electricity, other services extra. (Less than a kilometre to the altstradt).  N51.04401 E13.74356

As I mentioned previously our Belgium neighbours highly recommended Dresden.  Having done Hamburg and Berlin in quick succession we intended giving the big cities a miss for a week or so.  But on their recommendation we head south again.  The first hour is driving the 169.  A German version of a B road.  We pass through several small villages and by-pass a few others, the 100 kph limit makes for a more relaxing drive.  There are passing lanes here and there and we scoot passed the odd truck, before turning onto the autobahn for the last 20 minutes.

Coming into Dresden, the city does not appear too promising until we approach the River Elbe.  It’s a panorama of lovely old buildings, green copper roofs adored with gold statues and crosses.  Suddenly we are enthused, especially to find our chosen stellplatz is very close to the city centre and has plenty of shade.  The weather continues to be hot and humid as it has been for a week or so now.

The Hymer fits nicely in under the trees. Given its less than a 5 minute ride to the altstadt and there plenty of power to run the AC we thought it was almost worth the €17.
Not the best picture of the skyline of Dresden and the Elbe as it was the late afternoon, but I think you can see what I mean.
The Church of the Holy Cross, Dresden. Named after a wooden cross found floating in the Elbe in 1388.
The alter inside the Church of the Holy Cross. Still a white wash but the rough render give it mottled texture and finish.
Dresden is the home of Meissen fine china. Not that we are into dust collectors, but this huge clown would move his arms and head without warning. It was a little spooky and we are not surprised Kramer is scared of the clowns.
Walking down through the laneways from the Altmarkt to the Neumarkt. It’s a hot afternoon and a river cruise on the Elbe seems like an interesting way to spend the late afternoon.
Cruising the Elbe in the late afternoon.  The odd grand home and castle slide by.
The commentary explains this grand house and vineyard was built by the family who developed Germany’s first tooth paste. Very Interesting. Then a few minutes later we are told the castle like structure next door was built by the family who invented Germany’s first mouthwash !
Dresden’s Frauenkirche. Bombed to rubble in February 1945, it’s ruin left as a memorial by the GDR. Following the re-unification in 1989 and funds raised through a public subscription it was returned to its former glory in 2005.
The alter of the Frauenkirche. More in the form of a theatre than a classic church. Other than the ground floor pews, the seating is provided by three levels of dress circle seating.
Outside the Frauenkirche a young woman accompanied on a grand piano belts out a aria or three, just added to the magic of an afternoon in Dresden.

The Residenzschloss Dresden. Once a fortress like palace it’s now the home of several museum collections including the famous Grunes Gewolbe (Green Vault).
The Green Vault, it’s a bit like those guys who have too much money and collect exotic cars and put them in the garage, but don’t drive them. This was how the Saxon rulers spent there money. An exotic solid gold drinking bowl, dated 14th century weighing in at 800 grams !
Gold and silver inlaid drinking horns, this place has got everything !
Named after the green diamond in the centre of this pendant. Weighing in at 43 carats, that diamond is as big as your thumb.  There are another 40 carrots of smaller diamonds in the piece.
Got a real dressing down from the ‘no picture police’ for this imaginative selfie amongst the bling.  He insisted I knew it was wrong and I insisted I didn’t care, it was a stalemate until 50 Koreans entered the room and he had something else to worry about.

We spend the late afternoon cycling.  Riding over the bridge to the Neustadt on the north side of the Elbe.  The Lonely Planet provides a map with a recommended path to view some interesting public art.  It’s obviously the bohemian quarter, but mostly we just see lots of graffiti.  The food and drink is a lot cheaper however and we get a great Asian takeaway for €10 and the leftovers with do for lunch tomorrow.

Michael and Pam

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