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Arnhem, The Netherlands. 2016

Travelled : 53 kilometres from Doorn to Arnhem. ย The Netherlands.

Visited : Arnhem

Stayed : Dedicated motorhome parking area on the Rhein River in Arnhem, just a bin, electricity is available but it’s too expensive for us too bother with. ย N51.97340 E05.91585


The weather pattern has changed, instead of the odd shower in the morning, then clearing. ย The rain has continued for a second day. It’s not heavy but it’s steady. ย It’s only a relatively short drive to Arnhem, so we avoid the freeway and take the local roads most of the way. ย The roads in The Netherlands are amazing, I cannot remember seeing a pothole. ย There always seems to be an A road to wherever you want to go, no traffic lights, no roundabouts just multi-lane roads at 110-130 kph. ย The Hymer prefers about 90-100 kph so we hug the right lane.

After half an hour on the B road we give up and take the A12. ย The Hymer doesn’t really enjoy roundabouts and road calming devices and either do I. ย However it provided a snap shot of some of the lovely villages along this road. ย This leads me to another topic, the Dutch must be amongst the most house proud people we have experienced. ย Every village or town seems to be in competition with each other about who can have the cleanest, tidiest, just cut grass and neatly tended garden. ย Outside of Amsterdam there is virtually no graffiti, no rubbish and very little traffic. ย I digress…

We soon arrive in Arnhem and make our way down to the motorhome parking area on the Rhein River.



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They are 4 dedicated spots here with power, but you need to download the app and register to turn on the power supply. This cost โ‚ฌ9 or don’t use the power and stay for free. We took option 2.



It does have a nice view of the Rhein and Arnhem Bridge but given the weather it was fairly bleak.



Struck down with cabin fever in the late afternoon we put on the gortex, grab an umbrella and walk uptown. Pam stands at a surviving gate to the old town. Most of Arnhem was completely destroyed during WWII and very little of the old buildings remain.


………..day 2


Travelled : 40 kilometres from Arnhem to Winssen, The Netherlands.

Visited : Winssen

Stayed : Camping De Muk, Winssen, all the usual camping facilities. ย โ‚ฌ18 A very nice family run campsite set in a field. ย N51.86810 ย E5.91585


It was a peaceful night on the banks of the Rhein in Arnhem and the weather is still very drizzly. ย We have been talking to our English and American neighbors this morning, they are heading toward Rotterdam and we tell them about our experiences in the Schiedam a few days ago. ย We see no point staying here for another day in the drizzle and depart for Winssen. ย Our blogger friends Mark and Bev stayed at Camping De Muk last year. ย It’s an easy trip from Winssen back to Arnhem for our next adventure.



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It’s an easy drive to Winssen and we soon arrive at Camping De Muk. Caroline and her son Jelte welcome us with a coffee and we chat about this and that.



Caroline and her husband Erik have a little menagerie going in the front yard, which would keep visiting children happy.



Just as the weather forecast predicted, the rain has cleared and we get a bit of sunshine. We get the bikes out and ride into town.



Pam lights a candle for the Grand Children, there is a lovely little chapel in the Church at Winssen.



Once through the village we ride up onto the dyke and take the cycle path west for an hour before heading home.



Not the greatest photo, but the barge traffic on the Waal River is amazing. You do notice the lack of large trucks on the roads. It would seem huge amounts of bulk materials are transported by river.



The Dutch love their windmill and Winssen has a beautifully restored mill in the village. ย It dates back to 1791.



The new bike rack makes loading and unloading easy.


We have been on the road for nearly 6 weeks and the burn out is becoming evident. ย Pam is keen for a holiday within our travels so we will see what tomorrow brings.

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