Doorn, The Netherlands 2016 ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Travelled : 114 kilometres from Amersfoort via Uithoorn to Doorn, The Netherlands.

Visited : Uithoorn and Doorn.

Stayed : Sporting Complex Car Park, Doorn.  Free, no services, just a bin.  N52.04289  E05.32990

We service the Hymer at Amersfoort and do a last minute free wifi download of the Sydney papers.  We then say goodbye to our German and Dutch neighbours, Max and Murphy and head for Uithoorn.  There is a large motorhome accessories place in Uithoorn.  We stopped there last week and ordered a new bike rack for the Hymer, it’s now arrived.  Our ebikes are heavy and not what the original bike rack was designed to carry.  One of the securing arms broke last year on our way back from Turkey so we opted to order a rack suitable for ebikes, looking at the longer term value.

Pam says goodbye to Murphy !

Less than an hour later we have arrived KampeerPerfect in Uithoorn, it’s all checked and paid for and I spend the next couple of hours removing the old rack and fitting the new one.  It’s a good opportunity to give the rear of the Hymer a polish and it hasn’t rained for a couple of hours, so why not.  I know it’s a bit anal but without the bike rack it was easy.

We hit the road again this time heading east for Doorn.  The Lonely Planet states it’s a ‘wealthy little burg’ and was home to Kaizer Wilhelm II after his exile from Germany.  Doorn being an upmarket sort of place has no Aire, but after searching through the data base it does have a sporting complex with a carpark.  A quick chat with the complex manager and she says we’ll be fine to stay the night and so we do.

Parked up for free in Doorn. Heated pool on the right, indoor tennis courts on the left and a golf course in between.  The centre manager likes motorhomes, so we like her as well.  Should have brought a new cover for the bikes as well, that rip is getting bigger every day.
The gatehouse to the Kaizers digs in Doorn. We woke up to drizzle and it didn’t get any better as the day progressed.
We were to be disappointed on two fronts, firstly the castle was more like a McMansion at Glenmore Park (without a media room) and secondly it wasn’t opened until 1pm today. It seems that on wet days it opens later than advertised.
We wander the grounds in the drizzle, before we decide to drive on rather than sit in the Hymer in the rain for a couple of hours.

Michael and Pam

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