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Our English Transit, England to France. 2016

Travelled : 174 kilometres from Lynmouth to Wardour, Somerset.

Visited : Old Wardour Castle, free with English Heritage Membership

Stayed : Old Wardour Castle, (free) just out of the carpark under some trees. No services but we didn’t need any. (Monday 18th) N51.03762 W02.08849


After an excellent nights free camping on the moors (Exmoor National Park) it was time to hit the road with some commitment. ย We have a train to catch on Wednesday afternoon in Folkstone and that’s on the other side of England. ย So we start to head east into Somerset on the ย A30, it’s an easy drive a bit narrow on occasions but that’s not a problem at a leisurely pace. ย By mid-afternoon we are thinking about a spot for the night. ย East of Shaftsbury, we see a turn for Old Wardour Castle and drive on. ย A mile further along we see another sign for the castle and I have one of those feeling, so we turn for the Castle.

We purchased an English Heritage, Overseas Visitors Pass a Corfe Castle a couple of weeks and stayed the night there for free, so maybe we can get lucky…


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Interesting drive out to Old Wardour Castle.



Amazing isn’t it, we couldn’t believe how wonderful this old castle and it’s grounds have been preserved.



The front entrance to the Castle. It was partially destroyed during the English Civil War. It has been extensively stabilised and you can walk up and around most sections.



This side obviously took the most cannon fire.



Another free night of wild camping. We had picked up some fresh sardines in Morrison’s that morning so the Webber was out again.



Travelled : 136 kilometres from Wardour to Slindon, West Sussex

Visited : Just a day on the road

Stayed : Camping and Caravan site, Slindon. ยฃ16.50 with electricity. Wifi extra but we have our own. (Tuesday 19th) N50.86822 W0.64181


In the morning we wake to Old Wardour Castle through the front windscreen. ย A can hear these snorting and snuffling sounds, it’s an English Bulldog being dragged up the path. ย I think the old bulldog would rather stop and have a chat. ย An hour later we have had breakfast and preparing to depart as the Castle staff arrive and give us a wave. ย We are planning to meet the guy who installed our alarm system later today, near Chichester.

We detour slightly and stop in Salisbury for an hour. ย We drop of 2 weeks of laundry, make ourselves a coffee and wait for it to be ready. ย Salisbury is a beautiful city with a magnificent Cathedral but we visited a few years ago and we now have a huge pile of washing to deal with.


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We park up in this little campsite on the edge of a little village called Slindon at the recommendation of the alarm guy. It’s a very pretty and peaceful spot. ย It was a hot and windy afternoon, good for drying of the washing.



Travelled : 244 kilometres from Slindon, West Sussex to Montreuil-sur-Mur, France.

Visited : Just another day on the road and Chunnel Transit ยฃ106

Stayed : Aire Communal Montreuil-sur-Mur, free but water and electricity โ‚ฌ2 (Wednesday 20th) N50.45951 E01.75928


We have had a busy evening and morning, it’s the first time we have been hooked up to electricity for almost 2 weeks. ย So we busily charge up this and that, then in the morning give the Hymer a thorough vacuum and clean. ย It’s been a very warm night, so we’ve had the fan blowing all night. ย But the washing all dry and folded away and the Hymer is looking neat and tidy as we drive out the gate.

Our day is spent driving East on the A27, it’s a much busier road and as the day passes the traffic gets worse. ย We do a final UK shop in Hastings and buy a BBQ chicken as it will be a late by the time we stop. ย Anyway we battle on and arrive at Folkstone an our before our Chunnel departure.


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Driving onto the train, it’s all pretty smooth and a well engineered system.



Driving along through the train until you get to your allocated carriage. Then all the doors close and off you go. We just relax in the Hymer and 35 minutes later we roll out in France.



About 90 minutes after driving out of Calais we roll into Montreuil-ser-Mur. It has a nice little Aire (parking spot for motorhomes). ย On the downside we have paid our first French tollway fee for this trip โ‚ฌ4.50 getting here.


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We have a late walk up town to stretch the legs. Montreuil has lots of history, more of which we will discover tomorrow.


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  1. Lelia and Terry

    Montrueil is a beautiful place, spent a weekend there to watch Le Miserable which I believe is done there every year.

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