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Lands End and Padstow, West Cornwall, England 2016

Travelled : 102 kilometres from Marazion to Padstow, Western Cornwall

Visited : Sennen Cove (ยฃ2 per 4 hours), Lands End Coastal Walk (free), Padstow (ยฃ8.50 per 24h)

Stayed : Parked in a dedicated motorhome parking spot on the waterfront, Padstow (no overnight camping sign but the ranger said just make sure you leave by 8 am)


Our parking spot on the beach in Marazion proved to be a peaceful nights sleep. ย It looked a little shaky about 8pm when a few young fellows in their hotted up Vauxhalls started to congregate but they headed off to parts unknown thankfully. ย We woke to sunshine believe it or not and a beautiful view of St Michael’s Mount just across the bay.

It’s a bit of an early start today, not that we have a train to catch. ย It’s just that the sun is shining and it looks like we can leave the coats in the cupboard. ย We say goodbye to Johannes and Joy and head west again for the last time in England this trip as its less than 20 kilometres to Lands End.


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Chatting to a couple in a pub a few nights ago, they suggested driving to Sennen Cove and walking to Lands End. They argued the parking was less expensive and the views fabulous. As our busy schedule permits we fire up the cappuccino machine and enjoy a coffee and the view.



Looking back at Sennen Cove as we start our walk up the headland. On our return 90 minutes later the beach was full.



The view north along the West Penwick coast




The view south, locally known as the Mayon Cliffs




No jacket today, the shorts are out of the cupboard. ย Longship’s Lighthouse in the distance.



Mandatory cliff top selfie from Lands End the most western part of mainland England. A beautiful part of England it is as well.


Having done Lands End we make our way back to Sennen Cove and the Hymer. ย  It’s midday and just over an hours drive north to Padstow. ย I ring Rick Stein’s ‘The Seafood Restuarant’ in Padstow, it’s fully booked, but that have some casual dinning spots available so off we go.


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Padstow is a lovely little seaside port. Fishing boats unloading their catch on the wharf, it’s all very pretty. ย But it’s a busy place there are two huge ‘park and ride’ places up the hill from the village and two more in the village itself. ย We drive all the way in and jag one of the two dedicated motorhome spots.



Rick Stein’s ‘The Seafood Restaurant’




So it’s off to Rick Stein’s for lunch. ย He has two large restaurants on the waterfront here, one a traditional a La Carte the other a more casual fish’n’chips type of thing. ย Very similar to Doyle’s in Sydney and its full to overflowing as well.



Lunch time specials !



I won’t lie, it was a fabulous experience, the food was quite unique as the seafood varieties were all local. It was however a little more expensive than we normally extend too. But as the kid’s keep telling us, spend your money on yourselves you deserve it.




The bustling little marina in Padstow.



Panorama from Padstow across the Estuary to Brea Beach.



Beautiful backstreet pubs in Padstow.



Another one.


One thought on “Lands End and Padstow, West Cornwall, England 2016

  1. Mark and Mireille

    Gidday Michael and Pam.
    Looks like you have settled back into the motorhome life style,have the brit stops been good and easy to find and it’s great to see the sun has final come out to play,when do you head over to the continent.
    All the best and safe travels

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