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The Granite Trail and Lydford Gorge, England 2016

Travelled : 75 kilometres from Lydford Village, Devon to Tregrehan, Cornwall.

Visited : Rode the Granite Trail from Lydford to Okehampton (22 miles return), then walked Lydford Gorge (National Trust ยฃ15 double)

Stayed : Brittania Inn, Tregrehan Cornwall. (Brits Stay) free.


The original purpose of travelling to Lydford was to cycle a section of the British National Cycleway #27 ‘The Granite Way’. ย We had seen it on some documentary and thought why not. ย Following an old railway line the gradients should be reasonable and they were, 5 miles up hill and 5 miles down each way. ย Then Brett Johnston and old friend says you need to do Lydford Gorge while your there. ย So after a long bike ride in the morning we followed it up with a strenuous but very beautiful 2 hour walk around the Lydford Gorge in the afternoon.


The Granite Way follows an old railway line which for the most part has been removed. ย We think it’s gets its name from the numerous granite bridges it passes over and under. ย Must have kept the stone masons busy for years.


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Beautiful views along the Granite Way.


Didn’t count how many bridges but there are a lot.


The Lake View Bridge is one of the longest on the Trail. Don’t know how it got the name we couldn’t see any lake.


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The end of the Granite Trail, the trail follows the main road for the next few miles and that’s not for us. ย So we turn around and ride the 11 miles back to Lydford.



Already in need of an afternoon nap, we head up the road to walk Lydford Gorge.


The Gorge Trail follows a loop down the stream crossing over several smaller streams before dropping down to the bottom of the Gorge to view the waterfall.


Luckily there was another couple at the bottom to take our picture in front of White Lady Falls.



Further along before climbing out of the Gorge we take a side path to The Cauldron


Not everyone in our group thought it was safe to walk down to the Cauldron, not mentioning anyone by name.


It’s time to move on again, we point the Hymer west and make our way into west Cornwall. ย We notice the farms and hedgerows don’t look as green, must have had less rain over this way. ย There are two Brits Stops over near St. Austell and we head for the Britannia Inn. ย After a quick discussion with the landlord we are parked up in field behind the pub with two other motorhomes and a good night sleep followed.


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Parked up in the field behind the Britannia Inn.



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