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Reggio Emilia, Italy. 2015 🇮🇹

Travelled: 166 kilometres from Florence to Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Visited: Florence
Stayed: Community Sosta, free, usual services. N44.70984, E10.62387

Having left Florence in the late afternoon we have about three hours of daylight, we make our way to the autostrada heading toward Bologna, then continue north toward Milan on the A1.  The autostrada is four lanes each way and full of traffic heading in both directions, all moving very quickly.  Where are all these people going late on a Sunday afternoon, we can only wonder.  The sun has gone, the sky has a beautiful red hue when we turn off the autostrada, pay our toll and drive into Reggio Emilia and a free sosta in a corner of a large municipal carpark behind the town hall.

Center map

Doesn’t sound very nice with that description but it’s a beautiful town, clean and tidy, no graffiti with lovely trees and gardens.  Our sosta is just as nice.  Rows of plane trees and grass dividers, it’s as good as it gets for free. Reggio Emilia is of course famous for it hard cheese as is Palma only 50 kilometres further north.  Is it only coincidental they are both so close to Bologna famous for it meat sauces ?

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