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The Hilltops, Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 28th September 2020

Travelled: 94 kms from Temora to Harden in the Hilltops Region of NSW 

Visited: Cootamundra and Harden  

Stayed: Harden/Murrumburrah Showgrounds, $20, all services. S34.54527, E148.35644ย 


Seemed a bit colder in bed this morning. Thought I must have left something open, but no it was just a cold morning. Time to turn on the heater.

The Winnebago warms up quickly with the sun and we turn the heater off and the day gets started. Pam goes for a quick walk whilst I finish a blog post and do some housework.

We service the camper as you do and say goodbye to Temora. Certainly a town we would highly recommend you visit. We stop at the bakery on our way out of town to buy a tea cake as we have a special morning tea appointment today.

Bit scary.

The Commercial Hotel in Stockinbingal, looks like it should be in Surrey Hills, but itโ€˜s here, on its lonesome.

Center map

We roll into Cootamundra 45 minutes later and go straight around to visit our Aunty Joyce. We last spoke on her 90th Birthday a few weeks ago and our current trip provides a great opportunity to follow up her birthday with a tea cake.

Aunty Joyce and her favourite nephew.

Full of tea cake and family stories we say our goodbyes. We drive down to the centre of Cootamundra, park and go for a walk.

Cootamundra wins the best Post Office award.

Looking back along the walk, with Ian Chappel in the foreground. Now more famous for his radio adds, as Chappelly flogging Spinal Eze pillows. โ€˜ I take my pillow everywhereโ€™.

Back on the road again we continue on the Burley Griffin Way the 40 kms to Harden.

Center map

We do a quick lap of Harden before making straight for the Showgrounds campsite. There are 3-4 other campers here so it looks like a quiet evening once again. The facilities are excellent. So Pam whips on a load of washing (they even supply a basket and pegs).

Washing done and on the line, the bikes unloaded we cycle the gauntlet. The council has almost completed a new cycleway from the Showgrounds to the centre of town. However given the squadrons of magpies attacking anything that moves, Iโ€™m not sure how much use it may get.

We secure the bikes to a convenient park bench and do a lap of Harden.

Luckily we find the Carrington just as we finish our walk. We enjoy a round of drinks with a few locals before riding the gauntlet once again. The clothes are just about dry as Pam brings in the washing. The camper is now cloths line as we have a second drink and chat about our day.

Itโ€™s Murray Cod for dinner tonight. We visited a Murray Cod farm in Griffith a couple of days ago and purchased a fillet. As we found every man and his dog are standing on the banks of the Murray River trying to catch a Murray Cod, we figure they must be something special. We have never seen it on sale in Sydney, so why not.

Michael + Pam

PS: The Murray Cod was just fried with a little oil, well seasoned it was delicious. We added a soy and ginger garnish. It was quite possible the best white fish I have ever eaten.

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