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Temora, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 27th September 2020

Travelled: 151 kms from Griffith to Temora in the Riverina 

Visited: Temora and the Temora Aviation Museum $10pp (consession) 

Stayed: Temora Showgrounds, $15, all services. S34.43999, E147.52270 


We make an uncharacteristic early start in Griffith this morning. We are parked outside Coles when it opens at 8.30am ! Just a very quick shop as we have no idea whatโ€™s at Temora. Nice surprise to find a Bakerโ€™s Delight next door.

We depart Griffith with a tank full of fuel, some fresh fruit and a nice loaf of high fibre/low GI. Our early start sort of goes down hill from there. Five kms out of Griffith there is a detour due to bridge work at Yoogali. After a 15 minute rat run through vineyards and fruit trees we arrive at a stop โœ‹ go for another 10 minute.

Eventually we return to the Burley Griffin Way once again. We stop for breakfast at Barellan.

Reading the Plaque explains the next photo.

Yvonne Goolagong was one of Australiaโ€™s greatest tennis players, she grew up here in Barellan.
(Interestingly our friend Rodney still plays tennis [not particularly well] with his Goolagong special).

Still plenty of these.

Pam believes legislation should be passed requiring murals on silos.
(The Kararah Silos )

I have set the GPS for the Temora Showgrounds Campsite as itโ€˜s half way between the township and the Aviation Museum (relatively cheap was also in the mix). We find it easily enough, joining 3-4 other motorhomes and a caravan.

Many country towns have opened up their Showgrounds as nomad campsites.

The bikes unloaded, we ride out to the aviation museum which is only 1.5 kms up the road. Growing up in Richmond I have always had a bit of a fascination with aircraft and flying. I still hold my PPL but sadly no longer current.

A couple of hours later we cycle back to the camper for a late lunch. An hour later we cycle in Temora town centre, park the bikes and walk Hoskins Street. To be fair itโ€™s Sunday afternoon at 3 pm and we seem to be the only people walking about. Temora has some striking old banks on the corners and a grand post office. The shopping strip is long and we donโ€™t find any vacated shops, so all the businesses must be coping with the restrictions to date.

Somehow we stumble upon the Terminus Hotel and settle in to watch the Dragons come good.

We make our way back as the late afternoon chill falls on Temora, mind you it was a cold day anyway. After the bikes are safely locked up on the back of the camper, we get the BBQ out, its rib eye night.

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