Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain. 2014 ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ

Travelled : 70 miles from Figueres to Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia

Visited : Sa Tuna

Stayed : Sant Feliu de Guixols municipal aire, free with services, N41.78012, E03.02290

Budget : 39 days @ โ‚ฌ80 per day.

We are up relatively early, cars are driving into the carpark we are camped in and we presume the supermarket to be open.  We need a baguette for breakfast but when I walk to the entrance I find it doesn’t open for another hour.  So we have a coffee and hit the road.  Heading south toward Gerona before again heading east on the C66.  The Rough Guide recommends the coastal walk at Sa Tuna and we take the turn at Begus and start down the serpentine drive down to the village.  It takes almost 10 minutes to travel the 2 kilometres as the crow flys.


Sands a little course in Sa Tuna, Spain.  2014
Sands a little course in Sa Tuna, Spain.

We find the small car park almost empty and pick a spot in the shade.  It is a most beautiful place, a small rocky beach with a couple of fishing boats sitting well out of the water.  Pastel coloured houses line the hill around the bay contrasting the blue waters of the Mediterranean.  There are two small cafรฉs adjacent to the small square that opens onto the beach.  Catalonian flags fly here and there just to ensure we know where we are.



Our swimming spot, Sa Tuna, Spain.  2014
Our swimming spot, Sa Tuna.

Pam and I set off on the walk up the hill and along the rocky coastline.  There is hardly anyone about as we approach a small viewing point a couple are already there.  As we approach the man says g’day, I say g’day back.  We all look at each other with amazement.  They are from Melbourne poor buggers.  We all chat about our adventures and the co-incidence of bumping into each other here on this track.  Anyway saying our goodbyes we walk on.  Finding a small track down to a little sandy beach we make our way down for a swim before heading back to the camper and the long drive back up the hill.

The old monastery has been converted into a tourist information and cultural centre, Sant Felui, Spain.  2014
The old monastery has been converted into a tourist information and cultural centre, Sant Feliu.
Interesting Old Hotel, Sant Feliu, Spain.  2014
Interesting Old Hotel, Sant Feliu.

Our plan is to continue south finding somewhere to stay near a beach on the Costa Brava.  As we drive through Sant Feliu de Guixols we spot a herd of camper cars and turn in.  There is a couple sitting next to an Irish plated camper car.  I ask the obvious question, they say ‘yes it’s free’ and it’s 200 metres to the beach.  Pam gets exited and we find a shady spot.  As it turns out most of the camper cars parked here are from the Netherlands and other Scandinavian countries.  Our neighbours tell us they drive down through France virtually non-stop, rest up here for a week before continuing south again.  We spend the afternoon at the beach and decide we may stay a few days.




We are the odd ones out being Australian but almost everyone staying here can speak English.  While the weather is the obvious driver for people the food here is much cheaper than France or England, then there’s the beer. Dia is the local Spanish supermarket, here are a couple of examples Milk โ‚ฌ.89 L, Coke โ‚ฌ.57 can, Heineken โ‚ฌ.55 can. Mateus Rose โ‚ฌ3.09 bottle.

Michael and Pam

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