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More Covid Travels, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 11th September 2020

Travelled: 196 kms from Taren Point to Milton on the South Coast of New South Wales  

Visited: Milton

Stayed: Milton Showgrounds $26 all services. S35.32067, E150.43027

Budget: NA

David and Jenny have been kind enough to lend us their Winnebago once again. Grasping the opportunity to escape Sydney we drive up to Collette, pick up the motorhome and head back home to Taren Point to pack up for an early (sort of) start the next day.

We say goodbye to the neighbours and roll out at 9 am. Setting the GPS for Milton Showgrounds as itโ€˜s the cheapest overnight spot within a reasonable striking distance.

However we normally swim laps at Caringbah pool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and as today is Friday, why not. So an hour later we depart once again, this time from Caringbah Pool.

Once a Navy Helicopter, now a memorial symbol in Nowra

Driving south on the Princes Highway we find a surprising amount of traffic, however this thins out quickly once we pass through Heathcote onto the Freeway. Just south of Kiama we stop for a coffee and a 10 minute break. On the road again we slow for some local roadworks at Jaspers Bush and again through Nowra. All in all it was an easy drive and we roll into Milton Showgrounds just after 1.30 pm.

The Milton Showgrounds are apparently being used a a support hub for Blaze Aid bushfire recovery in the local area. We are a little surprised all this is still ongoing. Anyway we find ourselves a spot in the designated camping area before having a late lunch.

After a little rest we walk up to the village for a wander…

This is Milton

Our walk around Milton takes less than an hour including a quick shop at the IGA to pick up a couple of things we managed to forget.

Our friends Dave and Britt put us onto Aldiโ€™s Thai Red Curry nibbles. Just so happens they go perfectly with a beer and wine, very convenient.

Whatโ€˜s left of the evening passes very quietly. Itโ€™s an early night as we plan to continue south tomorrow….


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