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Lagos, Portugal 🇵🇹 2019

Date: 2nd September 2019

Travelled: 79 kms from Carrapateira to Lagos both in the Algarve

Visited: Cabo de São Vicente and Lagos

Stayed: Beach (Lagos) car-park, free. N37.10497, W08.66747

Budget: 85 days @ €74 per day

We drive back to the N268, then continue south to Sagres. Seeing the familiar Lidl sign we stop for a quick shop, ice and croissants our top priority this morning.

As we turn for Cabo de São Vicente we can see the lighthouse marking the most southwestern corner of Portugal (and Europe) in the distance.

Center map

Map of Portugal, the icon on Cabo de São Vicente

The walk to the lighthouse involves negotiating the usual Tat.
Another view of the Cabo and it’s barren landscape.

We make our way through the tat once more and point the Hymer east to Lagos. Less than an hour later we are making our way through the narrow back streets of Lagos to a long dusty car-park that backs onto the walls of the old city.

Center map

Map of Lagos, the icon on our beach-side park.

It’s another hot day but the breeze tempers the heat and we have a comfortable lunch and rest even parked in the sun. At 4 pm we lock up and go exploring.

Despite the heat still lingering, the shadows provide some relief. Lagos has a buzz about it and we are already enjoying the walk.

We find our way down to what we presume is the centro. Apparently many English people own houses here in Lagos or regularly holiday here. The menus and general signage is all in English.

We eventually walk out onto the Rio Bensafrim, Just in time to capture this great photo of a tourist boat running back up to the marina.

We wander the tat seller’s stalls along the river front, before calling it a day and walking back to the centro and finding a bar with a shady corner. As we sit enjoying Lagos and a drink, we notice everyone is speaking English, some reading English newspapers. It seem the expats have taken over.

We find an overnight park near the beach enjoying a quiet night. In the morning we wander across to the beach for a walk.

As we turn and walk up the beach we can see something happening. Getting closer we can see they have hauled a long net up onto the beach. It’s a real community event there are perhaps 50-60 people hauling the net with many more watching.

We watch as the catch is sorted and shared, the remaining boxes of small fish go to the birds. It was an amazing spectacle.

After that little bit of excitement we return to the Hymer as our parking spot starts to fill with locals going to the beach. We get the Hymer ready for the road and set the GPS for Armação de Pêra and continue east.

Michael and Pam

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