Carrapateira, Portugal ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น 2019

Date: 1st September 2019

Travelled: 34 kms from Aljezur to Carrapateira, both in the Algarve

Visited: Praia da Amado

Stayed: Large un-official aire adjacent the beach, free + T+ B. N37.16919, W08.90083

Budget: 84 days @ โ‚ฌ73 per day

The drive from our cliff top parking spot back into Aljezur is slow. There is a lot of traffic about today, being Sunday. The Portuguese holidays are coming to a close and it seems many people are heading home.

We stop at the Intermarchรฉ for a shop. The Portuguese style chicken looks good so dinner tonight is set. Continuing south on the N268 the road deteriorates as well so it a slow 30 kms today.

Map of Praia da Amado, the icon on our parking spot

We drive through Carrapateira continuing on a few kilometres to Praia da Amado. There are two large car-parks here, we are a little surprised to see they are both almost full. We find a spot to park and walk across to the beach. The breeze is cool the water clear, so we decide to stay for a couple of hours.

As you can see Midget, Gidget, Moondoggy and a hundred or so other Rastafarians are amongst many suffering from a work allergy here. There are no shops, just a burger joint and a toilet block that closes at 9pm.

Our stay for a few hours extends to overnight as we enjoy the view and there is the opportunity to walk the coastal path for an hour or so in the morning. We have a quiet evening as our neighbours are all tired from surfing or the ganja and or the combination of.

In the morning I count 60 campers in the car-park, only 10 of those are motorhomes, the remainder mostly old VW combiโ€™s or something similar with limited on board facilities.

We enjoy some great scenery as we walk the coastal path. On one isolated headland we find the ruins of an Islamic fishing village some 1000 years old.

Back from our walk around 10 am we notice the toilet block is still closed, in fact you can feel the tension in the air if you get my drift.

We ready the Hymer, setting the GPS for Cabo de Sรฃo Vicente and continue south on the N268.

Michael and Pam

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