Aljezur, Portugal ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น 2019

Date: 31st August 2019

Travelled: 40 kms from Sรฃo Teotรณnio to Aljezur in the Algarvethere

Visited: Aljezur

Stayed: National Park lay-by, free + B. N37.33176, W08.86155

Budget: 83 days @ โ‚ฌ74 per day

By the time we return from the beach at Zambujeira do Mar, pack up the scooter and service the Hymer itโ€™s almost 2pm when we depart Sรฃo Teotรณnio and cross in the Algarve.

The Algarve is the southern most province of Portugal stretching from the Atlantic coast in the west to the Spanish border in the east. From our guide booksโ€™ perspective it has little highlights other than the weather and the beaches. The Algarve is where the English holiday.

Anyway another brief blog as we didnโ€™t do much…

Map of Aljezur, the icon on our parking spot

We follow the west coast of Portugal south. As its only 40 kms to Aljezur, we manage it in less than an hour including a quick ice stop at an Intermarchรฉ. The cliffs along the coast here are dramatic, the coast road through the national park turns to gravel. There are campers parked at every lay-by, but thereโ€™s plenty of space. We stop a couple of times to check, but eventually the road terminates and we find our spot for the night with 3-4 other campers.

The tide is high. Looking south to the Ponta da Atalaia.

We have a drink whilst enjoying a magnificent sunset. Another quiet evening except for the garbage truck that arrived promptly at 10pm. Laying in bed it seemed the driver revelled in creating a general racket.

It was a good night anyway and after our usual start to the day we make our way down the steep path to the beach. As itโ€™s now low tide we can explore the beach for a couple of kms without the need to clamber over any rocks.

The geographic formations are stunning.

Our morning walk complete, we have late breakfast and a second coffee as locals arrive to go fishing and swimming. Our lay-by has quickly become a car-park. Cars are parked in all direction now, so we decide its time to get out of Dodge whilst we still can.

We set the GPS for Carrapateira Beach and continue south…

Michael and Pam

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