Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal 🇵🇹 2019

Date: 29-30th August 2019

Travelled: 126 kms from Mértola to São Teotónio in the Province of Alentejo

Visited: The beach at Zambujeira do Mar

Stayed: A private aire €12, includes electricity.

Budget: 82 days @ €74 per day

It was a long hot drive across Portugal from west to east. There was probably only two hours or so of solid driving, but we stopped at Intermarché at Castro Verde, to service the Hymer and then again under a shady tree at Odemira.

We soon realised we had left the heat behind as Odemira was noticeably cooler with a sea breeze. 15 minutes later we arrive at the aire near São Teotónio. Have a quick chat with our host and settle in.

Map of São Teotónio, the icon on our parking spot

There is no shade, but it has electricity and a washing machine, so we get a few chores completed and Pam has a highly prized long shower. The sea breeze is cool and we spend the remainder of the afternoon doing not much.

We have a cool breeze with the windows open all night, a good nights sleep after the heat of Mértola. After breakfast we unload the scooter, grab a towel and hat and ride the 5 kms to Zambujeira do Mar. spending a few hours swimming and lazing in the sun.

The beach at Zambujeira do Mar.
The mist can suddenly sweep in, then just as suddenly clear.

We enjoy it so much we do the same thing the next day…

Michael and Pam

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