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Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ 2019

Date: 17th August 2019

Travelled: 171 kms from Salamanca in Spain to Almeida in Portugal

Visited: Ciudad Rodrigo and Castelo Mendo

Stayed: Almeida municipal aire, free with services + E. N40.72910, W06.90147

Budget: 69 days @ โ‚ฌ79 per day

Looks like another hot day ahead so we have the Hymer serviced and waiting at reception to open at 9am. Itโ€™s a reasonable long drive back across the arid plains today. We fuel up as the price of diesel is 15p/litre cheaper in Spain, then drive past around to the Lidl to stock up on this and that.

The drive back on the A62-E80 is uneventful other than being hot. 30 kms from the frontier we turn off for Ciudad Rodrigo.

Center map

Map of Ciudad Rodrigo

As you can see from the map itโ€™s another fortress town guarding the road from Spain to Portugal. As itโ€™s festival time and market day the local traffic is tragic, however we manage to find a parking spot, leaving us a bit of a walk up into the fortress wall and the old town.

As we walk up we get a view of the Cathedral.

Our guide books tells us we can walk the ramparts surrounding the town in 30 minutes, so off we go.

Itโ€™s another sunscreen and big hat day in Ciudad Rodrigo.

So that was Ciudad Rodrigo, we walk back down the hill to the Hymer and have a coffee. Then itโ€™s back on the freeway and Portugal. We set the GPS for Castelo Mendo, 15 kms on the Portugal side of the frontier.

Castelo Mendo is another stone village in the Beira. We have done several already and always enjoy exploring them.

The old town gates, look impressive.

So we have wandered the village, walked up to the the ruins of the old church and back. Other than seeing a couple of dogs lazing in the shade we havenโ€™t seen a sole. Walking back to the Hymer we see a small sign to a cafe. We think an ice cream would be OK and set off to find the cafe.

We walk inside and there are 20 people crammed into this little cafe, drinking beer and watching โ€˜A Fish Called Wandaโ€™ on the telly. So we take a spot at the bar order a beer and wine and watch the movie.

Possibly the cheapest drinks in Portugal โ‚ฌ1.70 for a bottle of Sagres and a cold crisp Verdi.

Although the shadows are lengthening and there is a breeze we decide to drive back over to Almeida and have another night on power and Pamโ€™s best friend the air-conditioner.

So the Webber comes out and itโ€™s sea-food paella tonight.

Michael and Pam

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