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The Planalto, Portugal ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น 2019

Date: 14th August 2019

Travelled: 130 kms from Moimenta da Beira to Almeida both in the Province of Beira

Visited: The stone villages of Sernancelhe, Penedono and Marialva

Stayed: Almeida municipal aire, free all service + E. N40.72910, W06.90147

Budget: 66 days @ โ‚ฌ79 per day

We wake to the sound of a carillon bells echoing across the lake. We cannot see a church, but we can hear its bells. The sun is just coming up over the hill behind us and the weather app confirms is will be hot today.

We have a coffee and plan our day, which as usual isnโ€™t much of a plan. Our guide refers to a series of isolated stone villages in the eastern Beira. I marked them out some months ago after ready an article in the Weekend Australian. After looking at our road atlas we decide to let the GPS decide the route and we get the Hymer ready to roll.

Map of Portugal, the icon on the village of Sernancelhe.

Despite itโ€™s isolated location Sernancelhe seems very stylish.

This little balcony caught my fancy.

Thatโ€™s Sernancelhe done, we find a small supermarket for a bag of ice and some shade for coffee before driving on for the village of Penedono.

Map showing Penedono

Penedono is another very stylish and beautifully presented village. There are a few tourists around but mostly people travelling independently.

Panorama looking back over the village.

So we seem to have done Penedono as best we can. The Hymer is still sitting in the shade thank goodness as we roll out of the village the GPS set for Marialva about 45 minutes away.

Our guide book tells us this is chestnut country. All we see apart from grassland in full cure (harking back to my days on the red trucks) are groves of chestnut trees with the occasional olive grove.

Map showing Marialva, Portugal.

The last kilometre in Marialva is cobbles, the Hymer doesnโ€™t like cobbles.

Its mid-afternoon and very hot by this stage, however there is a nice breeze. We find some shade in a small car-park next to a sporting pitch, park the Hymer and have a rest for 90 minutes.

We decide to continue on. We would normally be happy to stop for the night but given the heat we decide to drive on for another hour or so till the sun is setting. Our data-base shows an aire with services at Almeida. As we plan on Spain and Salamanca tomorrow, Almeida is on the way.

Almeida is only a few kms from the Spanish border. This lady is moving her flock as we drive into the aire.

We are pleasantly surprised to find this free aire has electricity as well. So we are soon connected and the air-conditioner is humming away.

Michael and Pam

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