Amarante, Portugal 🇵🇹 2019

Date: 10th August 2019

Travelled: 58 kms from Guimarães in the Province of Minho to Amarante in the Province of Douro

Visited: Amarante

Stayed: River-side car-park, free + B. N41.27333, W08.07358

Budget: 62 days @ €80 per day

After servicing the Hymer, we roll out of Guimarães relatively early, the GPS set for Amarante. We take the freeway to save some time and to hopefully arrive early enough to secure a parking spot. Amarante makes the Lonely Planet ‘Highlights of the Douro’ and being Saturday, I imagine it will be busy.

Somehow our GPS decides we should drive across the Ponte de São Gonçalo with half the town of Amarante walking across it.

Map of Amarante, the icon on our parking spot

We find a supermarket for a quick shop, then on continue on to the parking spot adjacent the Rio Tâmega. The traffic is chaos, as it’s market day.

It takes some 20 minutes to travel 500m as drivers argue and fight over parking spots. We feel we have no chance, but we turn down just past the market to a lovely shaded car-park big enough for perhaps 20 cars and to our surprise it’s empty. Apparently the Portuguese don’t like walking up 20m to the market. We pick the plum spot, have a coffee before walking up into town.

Nice spot, this photo was taken later when we were joined by a few other motorhomes, shade and a water view.

Pam enjoys Portugal.

We discover the crowd out the front is waiting for the Bride and Groom to make an appearance.

Playing with portrait mode on the iPhone as we have a drink overlooking the Rio Tâmega.

So that’s it we’ve done Amarante. We both agree its a buzzy town with lots of character. I chat to our French neighbour and cook salmon for dinner. Pam is back into the Mateus once again, telling me it tastes better in Portugal than at home.

Michael and Pam

Late Final Bonus Photo: I notice one of our neighbours unhooking this from his motorhome. He tell me he completes in downhill racing each weekend of summer all over Portugal. He is about 70 and proudly tells me he won last weekend with a clocked speed of 90 kms per hours. He tells me the car must be home made. Obviously he is married.

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