Guimarães, Portugal 🇵🇹 2019

Date: 8-9th August 2019

Travelled: 109 kms from Chaves to Guimarães

Visited: Guimarães

Stayed: Guimarães municipal aire, free, all the usual services. N41.44017, W08.28534

Budget: 61 days @ €80 per day

After yesterday’s long drive through the national park we opt for the tollway today. As the drizzle continues it seems the sensible decision, other than the expense of the tolls (€14). The drizzle turns to rain, then the rain to drizzle. The cycle repeating itself for the next 90 minutes.

The drizzle stops as we come down toward Guimarães.

Map of Guimarães, the icon on our parking spot.

Our GPS takes us to a relatively new dual motorhome services point and a large adjoining car-park in Guimarães.

The Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Consolação E Santos Passos
(I kid you not)

We walk up into the old town for a quick look, find the tourist office to get a map and some advice on a walk for tomorrow and somewhere to get a great Portuguese chicken. We find a nice bar with a view and enjoy watching Guimarães walk by. It’s starting to drizzle slightly as we make our way back to the Hymer via the chicken shop.

We wake to find more than 30 motorhomes sharing our parking area.

So after our usual coffee and fruit we set off to walk hiking trail #3 The Penha Route…

The easy way to Penha. Our trail guide tells us its 8.5 kms with a rise of 600m and graded easy.

From time to time we get a view back down the valley.

So we finally arrive in Penha. Not sure what this is about, but it looks heroic.

Quick selfie with the Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Penha in the background.

A last look down on Guimarães before we take the gondola (€6pp) down the hill.

Back in the Hymer, we cool down, have a shower and lunch before walking back in Guimarães and doing some more exploring.

We can see the Palace of Dukes of Bragança, but finding the entrance is a little more complex. But when we do it was €3 pp (seniors)

Anyway we have done the Palace, mind you they could open a window and let some fresh air into the place. It was hot, humid and generally uncomfortable and we were glad to hit the fresh air. In fact, some anti-perspirants appear not working as advertised.

A better view of the Palace (perhaps) from the Castelo. They liked chimneys obviously.

We walk up the hill another hundred metres to the Castelo de Guimarães. Again more of a fortress than a castle, it dates to the 11th century.

So we make our way back through the old town once again to the Hymer. After our long walk this morning we decide on an early night, must be getting old I suppose. We cook inside, enjoy a drink and plan tomorrows adventure.

Michael and Pam

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