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Ponte da Barca, Portugal ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น 2019

Date: 4th August 2019

Travelled: 21 kms from Ponte de Lima to Ponte da Barca both in the Province of Minho

Visited: Ponte da Barca and Bravรฃes

Stayed: Ponte da Barca car-park free+B. N41.80793, W08.42395

Budget: 56 days @ โ‚ฌ83 per day

After our usual morning walk we point the Hymer up the road to the service point on the other side of Ponte de Lima. Itโ€™s next to a council campsite full of scouts and guides having breakfast right next to the service point. Pam waves and says bom dia as I do what needs to be done.

Nice view across the Rio Lima from the service point.

Itโ€™s only a relatively short drive up the valley with glimpses of the Rio Lima on our right. The valley is flanked by a series of green rolling hills with an irregularly scattering of houses. Their white walls and raw terracotta roof tiles providing a clear contrast.

Turning down into Ponte da Barca we pause at the stop/go signal that controls the traffic across the 16th century single lane stone bridge over the Rio Lima. Have I mentioned how much the Hymer isnโ€™t enjoying the cobbled roads in Portugal. Whilst generally the Portuguese road are good, for some reason unknown to me the roads in the centre of villages and towns remain cobbled.

Crossing the Rio Lima into Ponte da Barca.

Center map

Map of Ponte da Barca, icon on our parking spot

We find a recommended parking spot for motorhomes at the far end of a car-park along the river. No passing traffic and plenty of shade, bonus we find a supermarket a short walk away.

The Ponte was built in 1540, it has 10 arches and a stylish little resting spot in the middle.

Eventually we find the tourist office closed (itโ€™s Sunday) and it doesnโ€™t re-open till Tuesday, so much for getting some info on local walks. Back in the Hymer we get the comfy chairs out and have a relax, do some Googling about a walk in the morning and generally veg out.

The supermarket next door has a great selection of seafood, so itโ€™s BBQ sardines and a prawn salad for dinner as the shadows lengthen.

Center map

Map of Bravรฃes

Bright and early next morning we set out to walk the Rio Lima to the village of Bravรฃes. We follow a well formed trail for 5 kms, before turning up from the river towards the village. The trail becomes a steep and winding road up to Bravรฃes.

The following are some random photos of the Igreja de Sรฃo Salvador in Bravรฃes. Click any of them to open a gallery in full screen.

On our way back Pam stops for a natter with the locals.

Some 90 minutes later we are back in the Hymer. The sun is high and there is little shade for the last couple of kms, but it was an excellent walk. We have a long shower and cool down before readying the Hymer for departure once again.

Michael and Pam

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