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A Coruรฑa, Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ 2019

Date: 28th July 2019

Travelled: 124 kilometres from Vicedo to A Coruรฑa both in the province of Galicia

Visited: A Coruรฑa

Stayed: A Coruรฑa municipal aire, free with services. N43.37152, W08.44446

Budget: 49 days @ โ‚ฌ89 per day

After a long walk around Vicedo, we get the Hymer ready to roll. We thought about a swim but the beach is shaded in the morning. So we roll out of the porte and continue south-west firstly toward Ferrol.

The roads in northern Spain are a pleasure.

We stop a few kms short of Ferrol at a services point attached to a huge Repsol. We service the Hymer, give it a pressure clean and fill with diesel (โ‚ฌ1.19) at its the cheapest weโ€™ve seen this year. Our guides give Ferrol a pass and so do we as we continue on to A Coruรฑa.

Itโ€™s Galiciaโ€™s second largest city sitting on the coast of the centre of the Riss Altas. We have a parking stop in the GPS but we find a carnival in progress, so continue on the a large Lidl car-park with some shade in the corner. The car-park is empty as the Lidl is closed (being Sunday). We lunch and have a little siesta before continuing into the city proper…

Center map

Map of A Coruรฑa, the icon on the marina.

We have set the GPS for a stop on the marina, but maybe we have taken a wrong turn somewhere ?

Unfortunately nearly every open Pazo and street in the Old Town is a market or tat stall.

A final picture from Sir John Mooreโ€™s Garden looking across the bay.

To be frank we were a little disappointed with our afternoon in A Coruรฑa. The old town spoilt by endless stalls selling the same thing. Itโ€™s crowded and most of the significant buildings are covered with banners etc. But look itโ€™s festival time in Spain, who are we to complain.

We find a taverna and have a relax. Sir John Moore was an amazing man by all accounts and well worth a few minutes.

So we have done A Coruรฑa. Rather than pay another โ‚ฌ20 to stay overnight in the marina, we drive 4 kms to the free aire just out of the city. There is a service point here and a nice view as the sunsets.

Michael and Pam

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