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Asturias, Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ 2019

Date: 23rd July 2019

Travelled: 55 kilometres from Llanes to Llastres both in the province of Asturias

Visited: Playa St Martin and Llastres

Stayed: Llastres Municipal car-park #4 (P4N), free +B+W. N43.51691, W05.27012

Budget: 44 days @ โ‚ฌ91 per day

We had another quiet evening in the aire at Llanes. The day gets started with a FaceTime call from Indiana telling us all about Fiji and her trip on the plane.

We have a coffee and some fruit before getting the scooter ready. Our daughter Alix has recommended Playa St Martin, west of Llanes. Itโ€™s an isolated beach some 2 kms west of Llanes, our guide book states its a 15 minute walk from the car-park but the scooter reduces that to a 100m.

Center map

Map of Llanes, the icon on Playa Saint Martin.

Being high-tide there is very little sandy beach for your towel, but its a magic place. Especially as we have the beach to ourselves for an hour.

Returning the aire at Llanes we re-load the scooter and service the Hymer before continuing west on the A8. The mist closes in again and the sun disappears. The mountains of the Picos flank the road to the south. Whilst Iโ€™m no Spanish weather expert but it seems the Picos create a weather phenomenon along the Asturias coast.

Thirty minutes later we turn and drive in Llastres. The lower car-park is full but we can tell itโ€™s our sort of place.

Center map

Map of Llastres, the icon on our parking place.

Despite the mist Llastres is a lovely village perched as it is on the steep hillside overlooking the Costa Verda.

Unfortunately we now have to walk back up the hill to the Hymer.

After spending 5 minutes cooling down we pack up the Hymer and continue west…

Michael and Pam

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