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Cantabria, Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ 2019

Date: 21-22nd July 2019

Travelled: 111 kilometres from Santander in Cantabria to Llanes in Asturias

Visited: Santillana del Mar and Llanes

Stayed: Llanes municipal aire โ‚ฌ3 per 24 hours W+B+G+B N43.42398, W04.76779

Budget: 43 days @ โ‚ฌ92 per day

Our ferry docks early at 0530 the Captain explaining they have some maintenance scheduled apologising for the early arrival. Mind you the Spanish authorities decide not to allow dis-embankment until 0800 anyway.

We roll off the ferry, do the immigration checks and park a hundred metres from the port and make a coffee, FaceTime Indiana and Cooper and our daughter Alix. We had taken our own food and drink on the ferry, which worked out well. But coffee was a different story and the ferriesโ€™ coffee was dreadful so we where hanging out for our Amore.

So we drive west along the Costa de Cantabria to the picturesque village of Santillana del Mar.

Center map

Map of Santillana del Mar, the icon on our parking spot.

Something for James or Coopers Birthday perhaps ?

Santillana de Mar is getting crowded as we say goodbye and return to the Hymer. We set the GPS for a stop at Playa La Franca and continue west. We stop for fuel and fill our water tank. As you can see the Irish weather has followed. The mist hangs low, but its not cool, rather warm and humid.

We turn for the CA131 thinking the local road will be more scenic but the traffic is diabolical getting through Camillas so we revert once again to the highway. We find a parking spot at La Franca for a late lunch, deciding to continue on another 10 kms to Llanes.

Center map

Map of Llanes, the icon on our overnight parking spot.

Llanes has an aire at โ‚ฌ3 per night which seems fair, so we have a look, then book ourselves a vacant spot on the machine.

Do Bougainvillea get any better than this one.

The old town has a real buzz about it and we ask whatโ€™s happening. We are told it festival day and a local public holiday tomorrow.

We find a little taverna and settle in. We start chatting to a couple originally from Spain that both now work in Denmark. He lived in Australia for 12 months and they share some tips on interesting towns they know of.

By the way a round of drinks in Llanes is โ‚ฌ5, half the price of Ireland and cheaper than Santorini.

Next morning we decide to stay an extra day and explore some of the beaches on our scooter. Pamโ€™s keen on a long walk so we head off into Llanes again for a walk. We hear the sound of a brass band as we do and here they are…

Somehow we stubble into the medieval quarter, no sure how. This tower seems to be the central point, but there are no information signs.

By the time we follow the band into the centre of town and walk for another half an hour it time to go to the beach. So we get the scooter off and head east along the coast. The Playa (beach) Ballota is only 3 kms away. Our guide book indicates itโ€™s the best beach on this section of the coast.

We stop and explore Playa de Toro on our way back into Llanes. As you can see itโ€™s a bit of a rock farm.

By the time we return to the Hymer and clean up, itโ€™s time for drinks and nibbles. The rest of the day slides through to the keeper as it does.

Michael and Pam

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