The Fanad, Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช 2019

Date: 27-28th June 2019

Travelled: 163 kilometres from Narin to Rathmullan both in County Donegal

Visited: Horn Head and Fanad Head

Stayed: Rathmullan (adjacent the car-park) free, T+B

Budget: 26 days @ โ‚ฌ82 per day

Pam demanded a lay-day after some 24 days on the road. We can do a little washing, given we have access to a tap here in Narin. Not to mention the opportunity for a long shower and to wash her hair.

But we still take the chance to explore while the Hymer has a rest.

Across the bay, the Inishkeel (your can read about it here) is connected to the mainland by a narrow sandspit.

Then another 10 minutes in the cemetery. According to the info board these are the oldest headstones, circa 10th century.

We make our way back and have breakfast. As you know Thursday is sardines on toast day and after our dash to Inishkeel and back we were hungry.

Breakfast done and the usual jobs completed we are off on our second walk of the day, this time to Portnoo, the next village around the bay.

A panorama of Gweebarra Bay.

So this is the Port in Portnoo. There is a small general store here as well.

Not much of a lay-day, so far. Come 4pm Pam insist on another walk (our third) along the beach around the point. Itโ€™s 5.30 by the time weโ€™re back in the Hymer. Itโ€™s easier to drive for half the day than walk it.

We chatted away the rest of the day with English and Irish tourists who would see the Hymer with its Australian flag decals and comment โ€œ did you drive that all the way from Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ โ€œ

Leaving Narin we continue on the WAW (N). We find a much needed Lidl at Dungloe and do a shop.

Horn Head Panorama.

We stop for a very late lunch at a little viewing point overlooking Doe Castle. You can zoom in and read about it below.

Doe Castle, looks very impressive.

Fanad Head Lighthouse.

The WAW turns south and we make for Rathmullan. There is free parking in the car-park and services as well according to the data-base. We can save 80-90 kms by taking the ferry to Buncrana from Rathmullan tomorrow.

Map showing Rathmullan, the icon on the car-park

We park up in Rathmullan, the locals are having a great time in this warm weather, which we think is still quite mild. So we walk up to the Beachcomber, order a pint of Guinness and a glass of their best Chilean SavBlanc. Another day on the Wild Atlantic Way slides through to the keeper.

Michael and Pam

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