Galway, Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช 2019

Date: 22nd June 2019

Travelled: 166 kilometres from Ballyvaughan in County Clare to Clifden in County Galway

Visited: Galway

Stayed: Clifden Sailing Club, free. N53.48602, W10.05079

Budget: 20 days @ โ‚ฌ91 per day

It was a quiet evening on the marina in Ballyvaughan. We were joined by 3 other motorhomes which makes for a secure feeling. I hear some movement about 8 am and go out to find our neighbours are unloading some very expensive road bikes. We have a quick chat, apparently there is a road race around The Burren today.

As the roads are narrow, we do a quick pack-up and continue on the Wild Atlantic Way for Galway ahead of the peloton.

What is The Burren you say. A series of rolling hills of grey rock. Does look out of place, as everywhere else in Ireland is green.

Kinvarra harbour proves to be the perfect stop for breakfast.

We drive into Galway through so many round-a-bouts we lose count. Lots of new factories and office complexes. But the old city is where we are hoping to find a parking spot. The Cathedral car-park has no height restriction and we get one of the last spots โ‚ฌ5 for the day.

Map of Galway City, the icon placed on the Cathedral car-park

We find ourselves parked next to the Myles Joyce Memorial.
(click the link to read his sad story)

Galwayโ€™s Catholic Cathedral, built on the site of the Old Galway Goal.

Apparently itโ€™s salmon season in Ireland and Galway is as good a place as any.

Nice looking pub but its a little early for a Guinness.

Indiana would love this place !

The Old Port in Galway. If you are a Jack Taylor fan youโ€™d know they find someone murdered here every second week.

Having walked much of the old town for the past few hours we decide to move on. Staying in a city car-park on a Saturday night is asking for a restless night. So we pack up, give a parking spot to another motorhome and our pay&display ticket. As we drive out of Galway we both agree Galway is our favourite city so far.

We spend the afternoon driving Connemara, a peninsula of low lakes and bogs. The Maumturk Mountain stand in the distance.

We took the R340 as part of the WAW. We got the Hymer airborne at one stage, this road has some huge dips and sudden rises. Go the N59 and save yourself some drama.

Donโ€™t know how you could make a living out here.

We continue on to Clifden finding a parking spot at the sailing club which has a small bar and restaurant attached. The manager tells us, parking is OK for the night. So itโ€™s a Guinness and Sav Blanc and our day is done.

Michael and Pam

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