County Kildare, Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช 2019

Date: 8th June 2019

Travelled: 183 kilometres from Glendalough to Kilkenny

Visited: Robertstown, County Kildare and the Grand Canal

Stayed: Johnโ€™s Green car-park, Kilkenny N5265565, W07.24848

Budget: 6 days @ โ‚ฌ111 per day

We were up early so decided to get a move and find somewhere with a view for breakfast. We had crossed the Wicklow Mountains National Park yesterday at Wicklow Gap and decide to cross back over on the alternate, Sally Gap via the R759. Whilst we enjoyed the drive, itโ€™s a challenge. Firstly the road in single lane most of the way, secondly we found ourselves shrouded in mist most of the way.

We did stop for breakfast at Glenmacnass Waterfall, but given the mist a half decent photo wasnโ€™t possible. Out of the national park we cross into Kildare County and stopping at Naas for our first Irish supermarket experience. As it was a Tesco it wasnโ€™t really much different to Tesco in England. First impressions, the Wexford berries are as good as it gets, the Irish bread, less so.

The LP recommends a visit to Robertstown to walk part of the Grand Canal.

Center map

Map of Robertstown and the Grand Canal

You can read about it here.
From the stone bridge crossing the canal in Robertstown. Looking back to the main part of the village. The Grand Canal Hotel can be seen in the distance.

So after checking with the lady in the Post Office for the best direction we head off for a couple of hours walking. The tow path is in poor condition to be truthful, but itโ€™s a pleasant walk all the same. Mind you thereโ€™s not a lot to see.

Back at the Hymer we have a late lunch and head for the M9 south. We stop at Carlow, thinking we may stop there, but decided to continue on to Kilkenny. Finding a suitable car-park close to the medieval town.

Itโ€™s late afternoon and we wander off in search of a pub and the day was done.

Michael and Pam

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