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Jard-sur-Mur, Coast Atlantic. 2014

Travelled : 55 miles

Visited : Jard-sur-Mur

Stayed : Jard-sur-Mur municipal aire, €8 with services


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Yesterday afternoon after settling in, we walked into town. Jard-sur-Mur is a small tourist village that reminds me of The Entrance on the central coast. There is a merry-go-round, penny arcade or in this case a euro arcade. There are peddle cars and various canoes and things for hire. There’s even a wind mill on the hill. There are several nice bars on the water front and we find one with wifi and have a drink and down load the papers.


The port at Jard-sur-Mur, France 2014

The port at Jard-sur-Mur, France 2014






Nine o’clock on a Monday morning doesn’t appear to be peak hour in Jard-sur-Mur. As we do our usual walk it’s very quiet, just the odd council truck and car pass by. We walk down to the beach, the water has receded with the low tide and it’s rocks for 200 metres. We talk about the overnight activities, for me it was two blokes chatting away in the middle of the aire until someone yelled at them. For Pam it was the early morning garbage truck. At most aires we have stayed in also have a recycle spot. The one at Jard-sur-Mur as elaborate as any, a small entry point at ground level with something far bigger below. According to Pam the noise of the truck lifting this mystery container from below ground and emptying its content was apocalyptic.


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