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Saint-Pol-de-Leon, Brittany. 2014

Travelled : 65 miles

Visited : Coast of the Granite Roses, Tregastel Plage and Saint-Pol-de-Leon

Stayed :ย Saint-Pol-de-Leon, municipal aire, with services, โ‚ฌ5


We are up and of to do the granite roses walk around the coastline in our campsite in Tragastel. ย The whole coast along this area of Brittany has huge granite boulders both around the shoreline and rising out of the water. ย In this area the granite is a pale but distinct pink colour, hence the name. ย Anyway an hour and a half later we are back having breakfast and decide to move on.

I should comment on how good the campsite are here in France. Tourony for example has a bar and coffee shop and you can order BBQ chicken, that’s cooked on site and your baguette is delivered in the morning. ย Very clean and tidy with wifi included.


Pam finds our lunch spot in Saint-Pol-de-Leon.  Brittany, France.  2014

Pam finds our lunch spot in Saint-Pol-de-Leon. Brittany, France. 2014


We continue our journey west along the Brittany coast. ย It’s an easy drive and we stop at a couple of lookouts, but continue on through Morlaix before heading north toward Roscoff. It’s almost 2pm when we stop for lunch inย Saint-Pol-de-Leon. ย We find a great spot in a little park on the waters edge and lunch camper car style. ย It’s so nice here, we call enough for the day and move a couple of hundred metres to the Aire and set up for the night.


Notre Dame, Saint-Pol-de-Leon, Brittany.  2014

Notre Dame, Saint-Pol-de-Leon, Brittany. 2014



By 4 pm where rested and we get the bikes out. ย We ride the port, the break wall before heading up the hill into the centreville ofย Saint-Pol-de-Leon.






We find the Notre Dame Saint Pol, which isn’t hard to miss as the steeple is just massive. ย Anyway we wander the shops in the old town for an hour, then head back to the aire for dinner and drinks.


Spot our Hymer ?

Spot our Hymer ?



3 thoughts on “Saint-Pol-de-Leon, Brittany. 2014

  1. Wendy

    Love the updates. All sounds fantastic. Relaxed and at your own pace. The photo across the bay with all the motor homes on the other side, are they all there for the night? There is a lot there!

    1. mickpamg@bigpond.com Post author

      Hi Wendy thanks for your response. By dark that evening there was about 50 motor homes in that aire in Saint Pol. As we walked up the hill we saw several more in a little carpark along side a church. It’s the last week of the holiday season next week, so there may be less around in September. Hope you and Al are all well.

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